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Chesapeake Bay Candle

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    Chesapeake Bay Candle

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    Website Design


Chesapeake Bay Candle has been lighting over 300 million homes since 1994 with fragrances that connect emotionally with their customers. Their “fragrance first philosophy” meets the needs of consumers for enchanting scents that have become household must haves. Where high design meets high fragrance experience, the product team search both home fashion trends as well as fragrance trends, then expertly combine the elements to bring sensory pleasure to their loyal fan base.

The company had been built primarily in private label and then recognized the power of their own Chesapeake Bay Candle brand. They realized it was time to communicate directly with their consumers and brought in Aumcore as a one-stop marketing and development solution as their partner to conduct SEO optimized website design and build their first ever e-commerce site. In addition, Chesapeake Bay Candle wanted to allow for the thousands of independent gift stores to be able to order case packs at wholesale prices in form of a B2B (business to business) ecommerce site.


Due to the quickly approaching holiday season, we were given a short timeframe to complete the project in order to take advantage of holiday sales. Not willing to sacrifice results, we prioritized our team in such a way that we were able to follow our standard process of in depth research, market analysis, #AumThink, development, and creative design with no sacrifices for a vertically integrated website with cross functionality – keeping the site dynamic and relevant.

We leveraged our considerable experience in B2B and B2C e-commerce website design and development to create a user experience (UX) and functionality (UI) with animation and seamless flow. Providing interaction solutions for both wholesale clients and direct consumers on each respective site, the outcome was fueled under the same platform and addressed their business needs in entirety.

From layout to developing content, to assisting their IT and finance teams on the back end, Aumcore met the tight time frame to launch sites in time for the important holiday selling season with SEO optimized content to bring the platforms to the consumers in organic search of a luxurious olfactory experience.


Due to the expedited solution process, Chesapeake Bay Candle was able to launch in entirety beautifully dynamic B2B and B2C e-commerce shopping experiences in time to reap the benefits of holiday sales.

The results – during the first two months of the launch the site traffic, e-commerce sales plan and conversion rates all exceeded expectations. Selling direct to consumer on the new website design also proved to be a glowing success and strategic move, with the first quarter ATV (average transaction value) dollar amount including multiple luxury candles per order.

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