Many companies recognize Facebook as a platform of opportunities used by consumers and business that acts as a focal point of social media marketing services. Dominating the social landscape, Facebook remains one of the most used social platforms today. But, that’s not stopping the giant from continued expansion. All-play no more, Facebook is entering the industry of business communication.

Workplace by Facebook is an easy to use service that uses the traditional Facebook platform with some more bells and whistles. But, with many companies barring employees from using the platform during working hours, what will make them change face and utilize this for business benefits?

Everyone Knows Facebook

Facebook is known and used worldwide. It sees over 1.71 billion monthly users and the number is rising. Workplace would be an easy way to get people on board with one united platform for communication. Since so many users already know how to navigate the site, you’ll be able to avoid the “what do you mean Basecamp?!” conversation. The familiarity is what is drawing so many companies to use the platform.

Easy Transition

As we said before, everyone knows how to use Facebook and Workplace is taking much of the existing user experience with a subtle business spin. Now, you can follow other employees, create group chats and even take part in live streaming. The classic Newsfeed aspect is now completely tailored to your needs and the needs of your company.

You have complete control of what you wish to see and post. Clunky email threads are a thing of the past with an easy to follow status update or group discussion. Collaborating is essential for any company to survive and Workplace understands this perfectly.


One incredible feature in Workplace is the ability to setup groups that can be used throughout your company. There can be groups each branch of your business or for groups of people who need to collaborate or share files. This gives a level of intimacy and transparency that is hard to come by in the office. It is a quick, streamlined way to get to what matters the most. Sharing is now easier then ever with Workplace.


In fact, Facebook is known for sharing. It is the lifeblood that keeps people coming back to the platform. The average American checks social media seventeen times a day. With that in mind, it is no wonder that so many are turning to Workplace. Clearly, it’s time to make at least a few of those 17X productive. There is no limit to how much data you can share or upload within your company, which becomes a great resource for file sharing.

workplace by facebook solutions
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Your employees are not going to feel like they have to be on Workplace, they are going to realize they have to be on it. With so many updates, statistics and even conference calls, it’s a great go-to medium to get the job done.


Workplace also offers in-depth analytics so you can measure success along the way.

Facebook has always supported social media marketing services with its in-depth analytic information and demographic filtering used by countless digital marketing agencies. Now, Workplace is playing off of that success and making sure employers are heard by their employees and relaying exactly what measurable results is coming from it. By seeing how many users viewed a newsletter or a demonstration, companies can focus on developing content that is beneficial to not only themselves but also to their employees.

workplace by facebook social media services
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People are constantly working on the move. Our society reflects this as smartphones become more and more powerful. Facebook took over the mobile world and now wants your company to harness mobility in office communication. Workplace can seamlessly be used on the go and with an uninterrupted user experience. The notifications bring the office anywhere without skipping a beat.

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Pricing on Workplace is determined by the people who are actually going to use it. For many companies, they will most likely pay $3 for monthly active users. The price lowers as the size of the company grows.

Workplace by Facebook brings together what made Facebook great socially, into a business setting. This service is an innovative strategy for social media, blurring the lines of work and pleasure, and inspiring us all to think outside the box for what social media can be leveraged for outside of recreation.

With fluid navigation and easy to access records, it is no wonder why so many prominent companies ranging many diverse fields are excited to adopt the service. Facebook has always been in the forefront of social media platforms and now the goliath is taking on the business world, creating a simpler way to communicate for professionals around the world.