It’s a challenging task for the digital marketing companies to analyze growth of mobile consumers and mobile apps market trend. It’s not shocking news that today’s mobile consumers have been increased by 80% after launched of iPhone and iPad in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Today mobile devices have become an important part of everyone’s life and world cannot even think to survive without these smart mobile devices and all business will need to adapt mobile website SEO to get more benefits. Adobe, a name everyone knows, conducted a survey on mobile consumers in the US. Adobe survey is based on 18 to old age of people and found that 42% adopted smart phones in the year 2012. Percentage of young searcher are higher as compare other to search information with the help of smarts phones.

Crowd of Mobile Device Users


Surprising Facts to Analyze:

>>  Ads Getting More Clicks By Mobile Devices:- Today’s more and more people start using their smart phones to purchase or search information online. Display ads and banners ads start getting more clicks by mobile devices as compare previous record.  Now compare than desktops ads mobile site ads have high CTR. Number of men users are high as compare than women users.


>>  Android Phone has covered the whole market:-iPhone is most popular and lovers of everyone but according to survey android are step towards compare than iPhones. According to survey done 58% is android users while 31% is iPhone users. So Android phone has keep consumers in his hand. iPhone users used their phone more often for sharing information among social media sites just because of big screen and inbuilt features.


>>  Impact on Social Media:- Among social media websites Facebook is most popular and accessed 85%, followed by Twitter at 35% and G+ is 21%. According to survey 87% of  current  generation are using smart phones to access social media sites because these smart phones have in built Facebook application and fan pages creating feature. So this is major point to consider for interactive marketing companies while creating online marketing strategy.


On the basis of above survey, now time has come to move towards mobile devices with smart digital marketing solutions because in coming future mobile devices will capture the whole market. So, digital marketing agencies need to align their  marketing strategy with the mobile devices along with desktops sites.