Imagine! you are working on some important project and you have to do the research part and while browsing all those advertising ping in between, which can disturb you while working and consume irrelevant time for just to wait to ad to get over. For those customers, who no longer want to see certain display ad can now, can mute that ad by [X] mark spot.Google Ads Mute

Google has given the freedom for “Adchoices” button. Customers have the control to choose what they like  for and what they don’t. It just increases the better customer experience. You have option to choose over your Like and Dislike here. So now, when a user clicks on the [X] sign, he or she will receive the “Ad Muted” confirmation and then no longer can see the Ad from the particular campaign.

According to the Google announcement, “The muting is not a 100% guarantee you won’t see that ad again as a consumer — for example, the same ad could be shown by a different ad company, or the marketer could run a separate campaign targeting specific web content. But we believe it’s an early step in the right direction of giving users control over ads, while helping marketers and websites deliver ads that perform better.”

There are number of reasons customers will find it very useful. These ads may annoy users, particularly when a customer visits the website accidentally. Now because of muting they have a control on the web experience.

For advertisers, the new feature means they won’t have to continue to serve ads to users who aren’t interested or those who have already been converted. Same way, publishers will now receive better performance, and potentially more valuable, ads and, spend less time in filtering out ads they think won’t be of interest to their audience.

The only thing which needs to be taken care is the balance. Google just need to focus on the right balance between the services provided to the users and between the advertising clients in the near future.

Google mute is good for visitors but some digital marketing agencies are considering that it will down conversion of websites.

What do you think?