Great news. Folks! Telegram has launched its sponsored messaging functionality. And the best part? It won’t increase the number of ads displayed on the platform.

Sponsored messages on Telegram are the latest social media updates to take the marketing world by storm. This new functionality will allow users to promote and share their channels and bots with the world. While it is currently in the testing phase, all signs point to it becoming a reality very soon.

So, how will Telegram sponsored messages work?

The digital messaging platform has announced that its latest development will only apply to the larger public channels that have over 1000 members. This means that the ads will not be visible in the chats, groups, and chat list – no personal user data will be used in targeting the ads. The messages will also have a 160-character limit.

In large public channels, ads will be displayed based on the topic at hand. Additionally, no personal data will be used for these ads. The entire system has to do with the common interests of the public spaces. This ensures that all user data remains safe and protected at all times.

The idea behind these sponsored messages is to build on the existing communities managed by admins of the one-to-many channels currently on Telegram. Rather than sending messages to promote things, sponsored messages will come into play.

how will Telegram sponsored messages work

The truth about Telegram’s update

This exciting development is still being tested and will have a staggered release. Once the company has covered the basic costs of the development, the revenue generated from the ads will be shared with the admins of the channels using this feature.

A constant throughout the process is that user data will remain secure and private and not be shared with advertisers. The update will enjoy an impressive range of new features added to the platform in the 8.2 update. These features include interactive emojis, global chat themes, give channel admins more control, and have made it easier for users to find videos or photos.

The users within each one-to-many public channel will not be tracked or profiled, and the messages will not include external links. Everyone in the channel will see the exact same thing, however, more tools will be made available to create more efficient ads in the future.

How to use Telegram’s sponsored ads

To start with, this feature is only available to public one-to-many channels with over 1000 subscribers – you need to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. The Telegram Ad Platform simplifies how you create, display, and monitor each of your ad campaigns.

Within each group or channel, you’ll be able to create an ad by clicking on the “Create Ad” button. This will let you give your ad a title, text, and URL – the URL cannot go to an external site. Instead, it will go to a channel or bot on the Telegram platform. Once his has been done, you’ll set the budget for the ad, known as the cost per mille. This refers to the price of 1000 views on a single ad. Your ad will be displayed for as long as the budget remains available.

As with most forms of social media advertising, you can manage your campaign the entire time, adding funds and monitoring the ongoing process. This can easily be done using the Telegram Ad Platform.

A less invasive approach to advertising

Instead of bombarding users with unsolicited messages, Telegram is targeting users that are already in a space relevant to the ads in question. User data is kept secure at all times and chat windows and lists remain free of ads. It’s a refreshing taking on a classic advertising technique.