Social media advertising has been a source of revenue making for various brand marketers. Unlike search advertising which has quite well been measured and proven itself as a trusted channel for digital marketing over many years. Social media advertising is another channel used by brand marketers which may sometimes suffer from a sudden surge in their ROI. Reason being the brand marketers have not acquainted themselves with the recent changes happening in the social media platforms. It is very much true that social media can provide you a better platform for advertising but only if you can optimize your ROI.

It has been proven that people visit Facebook for interacting with their friends and go to Google to browse something they want and to buy something and this is the reason why this channel is less valuable for brands.

As per the latest survey done by Marine Software which is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2006; to our utter surprise it has been found that  for seasonal or holiday pushes Facebook ads have seen a higher click through rates than Google ads as Facebook Incorporate with good and better user experience.

However this is not the entire story. According to the analysis done by Marin Software during third and fourth quarter of 2013 the aggregated data taken from $6 billion worth of clients’ it has been found that Facebook ads jumped higher in clicks as compared to Google.

The following graph gives a pictorial presentation of Marin’s client’s ad clicks for both platforms in January 2013 and then contrasted them against the Q3 and Q4 numbers for that year to arrive.

It has been pointed out that overall Facebook ads appeared to have a stronger seasonal uplift in comparison to Google. The results clearly depict that Facebook advertising is relatively increasing and the data clearly shows it has higher percentage of audience and engagement levels.

In the month of July 2013, Google saw a bigger jump than Facebook. While in the August/September it was the school period, winter holiday period from October through to December, saw a greater percentage hike on the social media network. A survey done by a San Francisco based company said the reason behind this is the Facebook’s popularity among parents who generally use this platform to post their kids photos.

Facebook’s user base operates in a different manner than other digital marketing channels, such as search or display. As there is change in seasons so does people’s activities and off course conversations and total time spent on Facebook change. Hence Facebook’s ad performance would majorly be affected by seasonality more than the search or display.

It’s high time for brand marketers to realize that Facebook is off course one of the powerful selling channel, either through ads or organic community management. Both these factors are necessary to help brands succeed in Facebook advertising. Facebook is always in the process of making the constant changes in its work strategy be it on a weekly, even daily basis.

In the end brands which don’t react in a quick manner to all these changes happening in the social media marketing will certainly go obsolete in the eyes of users. This is the reason why brands need to take consultation of digital marketing agency who have their own dedicated teams constantly working on the recent marketing trends and updates.