All music lovers don’t be surprised yes its true Google is testing “listen now” ad units on platforms like Spotify, Rhapsody and Beats for music searches. This testing of music ads was started by Google and is done to give consumers the option to listen to tracks via Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Play or Apple Beats Music. This is done in a similar manner the way it was done for “Watch now” ads for movie and TV show searches in February this year.

Let us know what “Listen Now Ads” are?

The ‘Listen Now’ feature works by searching for the name of the artists required, Google then displays available tracks under the ‘Listen Now’ tab on right of the screen.

It has been confirmed that clicks are paid for by the music services that are advertised below the Listen Now label.

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This above image will surely make you understand things well.

Whenever anyone will search any musical artist’s name then Google displays ads under the “Listen Now” label. Such ads are used to promote music services which include Google Play. These music services pay for each and every click they get, it’s done in the same manner as Google pays for its traditional text link ads.

Both on mobile and desktop searches these music ads are reportedly performing well. These ads use the same approach as used by others.

In order to streamline the purchase process for consumers Google has adopted this similar approach with other new ad units e.g. Google’s product listing will display pictures and prices for an item so that  comparison can be made before clicking on the ad and actually visiting the retailer’s website.

You just have to simply type the name of band into Google and you will get three online options. One of them is Google Play.

Let’s discuss in short how music companies or advertisers can get benefit out of it.

Both on mobile and desktop searches these music ads are reportedly performing well. These ads use the same approach as used by others. These ads are doing well for advertisers or so called music companies as they can now get users quickly and also find legitimate buyers for their favorite movies and music now.

It helps to decrease the number of clicks and hence make bidding more competitive. For music companies their customers can easily purchase a song of their choice by using the Google buy button in search results.

Hence Google provides more information to the music consumers making easy for advertiser companies to retarget and cross target products. It also made purchasing easy by eliminating the need to reenter credit card information in order to make the purchase.

This is a new way to advertise music services as here there is grouping, display and labeling done to make music ads look appealing to the consumers.

To conclude we believe that this is great news for all the music lovers as these ads will simplify the purchases for consumers and also provide easy access to music.