The news which is buzzing all around the digital marketing zone is – SEO is dead or not? Just put “SEO is deadoris SEO dead” in the search bar; there are plenty of news and articles popping up onto your screen. However; do you really think SEO can die so easily?

If we look at the past, such rumors were always in the picture because whenever there is an update in the search engine’s algorithm part and approach people think the SEO is dead. But we have to understand that it’s just an improvement and it doesn’t means it is not going to work; in this you have to find out second path which can effectively works and gives the same results or even better results.

Starting from 1997, where it was claimed first by the web designers that SEO is impacting the web designing part and how it is becoming inapt. At that moment of time, Search engine optimization was giving an upper hand to the web design in the marketing.

This happened because the online expert in early times were only paying attention to bulk link building around the targeted keywords. They were not focusing on the quality content and still were able to achieve good ranks on the search engine. However, when this update came it changed the whole strategy. Later on, they understood the requirement that by acquiring links to their sites is doing little to nothing for the clients as although if we look at the SEO front then “SEO is in the code” is more important and vital.

Later on the updates like Google Florida in 2003, Google Panda in 2011, Google Penguin in 2012 and the latest Google Humming bird in 2013 created some rumors that now SEO is not going to help you any further. Personally speaking, I think SEO will never die. If it’s dead then it’s especially for the people who are just spamming for links and provide poor content in the web. Rest all news are just over exaggerated.  

Updates Helped Covering the Gray Section of SEO

Well, if we look at these latest updates it actually covered the gray sections of SEO. With the Panda Update, it was targeted for the data duplicity and for the sites with too many ads on-page.

Similarly Penguin was targeted on the over-optimized anchor links in the profile.

Furthermore, Humming Bird update improved the semantic search part of the search engines. It actually improved the quality of search.

SEO is also dead for the people who try to write a content just around the keyword and it provide baseless information which is of no use. Keyword stuffing or bulk links for particular keywords, duplicity is complete NO-NO when it comes to a good practice of SEO.

Quality Content is Vital

Quality Content - Improves Search Engine Ranking

Now, SEO mainly works on On-page activities and off-page activities and for a proper
optimization, it is important to maintain a harmony between the two. Those days are gone when people try to play around the targeted keywords only. In today’s date, first and the foremost thing which is considered is Content i.e. how the content is relevant and informative. The quality of content is really have to be worthy and unique. Google is trying to provide quality information to the users which is informative and appealing at the same time.

Strategies and Approaches changes each time

Another point is that most people makes mistakes by not understanding the user and search engines requirements and approach; and by using the same obsolete methods in SEO actually creates the problems and therefore it produce no results even after spending big bucks over it. One need to understand that, SEO is more than just about ranking of the web pages; SEO is not about tricking search engines either; SEO is not a complete online marketing plan but SEO is a search marketing strategy which is just a section of the whole digital marketing.

At last, one need to understand change is the spice of life. To achieve something good or better you have to be dynamic. You have to understand the new SEO strategies first and then implement it in a better ways. So better understand the change and make your plans accordingly to achieve the goal. And don’t get into this rumors that SEO is death.