It is a good news for all the LinkedIn company profile users. Recently LinkedIn announced its list of the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2013. These companies illustrate how organizations can connect to their audience in truly meaningful ways. There were many factors which made their pages outshine those of competitors. All of these company page holders updated their pages as per the recent updates announced by LinkedIn. This year, to hold the first position on the list, you need to adopt the best practices and ensure that they are implemented on your company page.

The list of the LinkedIn Company updates are provided in the subsequent section. If implemented properly, it will certainly help your company attain the topmost position in the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2014.

Customize images with your company updates- LinkedIn has added a new feature starting January 22, 2014 which can help its users to share a company update with a link. It also provides the users an option to customize the image by clicking on the icon in the right hand corner of the preview image. For further details about company updates, click on this link which provides a detailed explanation to the user.

Showcase Pages- Showcase Pages are an extension of your Company Page meant for spotlighting a brand. These pages help you in building relationships with LinkedIn members. A few features of showcase pages are as follows:

✔ These are dedicated pages of your business which you want to highlight, including brands, business units, or campaigns.
✔ Showcase Pages can be easily found by members either through search or through the main company page.
✔ These pages are different from company pages in terms of followers, content and updates.

For further details about showcase pages, click on this link which provides a detailed explanation to the user.

Company Page Analytics- LinkedIn introduced a new feature called “company page analytics”. This feature helps viewers to see the way postings are being responded to by the audience and the segment, industry, area to which these followers belong. Using this feature, one can also check the performance trends over different time periods.

For further details about company page analytics, click on this link which provides a detailed explanation to the user.

Sponsored Updates-Sponsored updates is a new feature of LinkedIn which helps users reach a larger audience and not just their connections. The sponsored updates can easily reach LinkedIn members across their desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices. For further details about sponsored updates, click on this link which speaks about it in detail.

A few Additional New Features- LinkedIn Company Pages has released some new features. These are listed below:

✔ The company updates can be viewed by using infinite scrolling feature.
✔ By using a company profile also you can either like or comment over company updates posted by others.
✔ Historic company updates can be viewed.

Company Update Page- Using this feature, you can now check updates or issues related to Company Pages. This page can be updated based on the requirement.

A properly implemented company page will certainly help LinkedIn members to learn more about your business, brand, products and services, and job opportunities. To win the race and be at the top, one needs to keep himself well acquainted with the updates.