For as long as I can remember, people said ‘Content is the King’; and I do believe it to be true. Every update of Google (panda, penguin, hummingbird etc.) has emphasized highly on only one factor; that the content must be original, conversational and it must be informative.

These days, content is more like an investment. It is an investment which you do for the promotion of your brand. Every enterprise wants a higher ROI (Organic Presence, Brand awareness) out of it. Google is a very vast platform and almost all your competitors are available on this platform. The only thing which separates you from your competitors is the type of content which you are sharing online.

To make the importance of content more realistic, let us take an example of the bank and compare the online platforms. Content is like currency; difficult to earn/create. Because it is difficult to create, you should be very careful and wise in choosing the platform where you would like to invest your content. It can again be compared to choosing a bank which gives you maximum interest on your savings account.

The equation can be:

Content = Money
Online Platforms = Bank
Response = ROI


The image equates various social media platforms, content sharing platforms, blogging platforms etc. to a bank. You have to determine which platform is the best for you and which is offering you the maximum reach and returns (ROI). It is vital to mention here that not every platform is meant for every industry. While, a blog can create wonders for the very niche market, social media activities can have a negative effect. So before investing your content on any platform, we need to gauge what is needed to be achieved from the activity.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; but whatever happens online stays on Google Forever!” (Jure Klepic)

The correct online platform is hard to choose but once it has been identified, the results achieved from this platform cannot be ignored. A few points which need to be considered while choosing the right online platform for the activities are as follows:

– The selected platform should be very popular amongst the target audience.

– Website must be indexed regularly in major search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing.

– The site should have a good presence on the search engine. This means that its pages should appear more often than others in the search engine results.

– Link on the page should not appear under the “NoFollow” tag.

– Site must have good ALEXA ranking in the targeted region.

– Website must have social media content sharing plugins in order to make the published content sharable on the social media platforms.

– Websites should have ample number of indexed pages (Minimum 100) in Google. A higher number of Google indexed pages indicates the presence of a good content base as well as site interlinking.

– Site must have good number of followers in order to receive higher engagement once the content is published on the site.

There are various other factors working behind the selection of the quality content sharing platform but the same have not been mentioned on this list.

If you are already aligned with above mentioned points, as a social media advisor, we only suggest that companies go online and find their place in order to share your content. When you go online and write something, you want people to read it. You want your post to have an audience. You want a ROI from your content, which is absolutely correct. Each one of us wants to know how our product/service/write-up is doing online.

To make sure that your content does receive a ROI online, you must keep all these points in mind:

– Write content which is unique and industry specific.

– Do not copy the ideas of your competitor, be original. Whatever they have done, it is already available online. You don’t want to be second best.

– Your audience are hungry for fresh information. Be updated and write about all the latest stuff.

– Interlink your social channels; it will increase your reach and versatility.

– Be open to criticism; it will eventually make your better.

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into your personal evangelist” – Shane Barber

All-in-all, it is a brutal reality that content is the king and it will always be. You have to give due respect to it in order to survive online. Our suggestions is- Stay original, develop conversation content and share only on quality content sharing platforms in order to Stay Ahead.