It’s increasingly rare now to see anyone in their early 20’s or younger wearing a watch. Less than a century since the wristwatch became a popular alternative to a pocket watch, it is now making a surprise comeback as a mobile phone.

For the current generation, wristwatches are now more of a fashion accessory than a convenient timekeeping device. Unlike wristwatches, mobile phones have the ability to update automatically for daylight savings and moving through time-zones, although, as yet, few phones have come close to being as stylish as a luxury timepiece.

So, what chance for our dear friend the wallet? When Apple convinces the world that the iPhone 5, expected to launch this summer, has revolutionised the way we make payments by including NFC (near-field communication) technology (despite most new Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Nokia phones having had it for a while), shops will be racing to accept mobile payments.


NFC Technology

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Then it is only a matter of time before your loyalty cards, tickets and identification can be stored as mobile apps, and then the wallet might go the same way as the wristwatch.


Juniper Research projects that North America and Western Europe will follow Asia with widespread implementation of NFC-enabled devices and, by 2014, the technology will account for US $110 billion of transactions.


There are unlimited possibilities for implementing NFC and Aumcore’s mobile application development team can help you to plan for the future and keep your business ahead.