Soaking up the local market and industry research, the Aumcore team recently participated in a NYC event alongside several start-up companies and investors regarding the changing economy. We paid special attention to the role of digital marketing (specifically mobile app) integration and how it has opened the doors for the shared economy. There has never been a more crucial time for mobile marketing than now.

The entire event was centered around the question “When to use a digital/technology platform”, moving away from the “Whiteboard” in an on-demand company, and which platforms and functionalities are preferred. Integrating mobile apps to inquire about, assign, and accept jobs – releases employees from the bounds of their desks, and allows contract freedom, and a seamless user interface for the consumers.

Here are a few key learning points from the event “The Shared Economy” hosted by General Assembly in the Flat Iron district, and how mobile apps will continue to change the way industries operate in this new generation.


First to the plate was the CEO of Handy, a innovative business offering home maintenance (cleaning and handy work) at a moment’s notice through the convenience of a mobile app. Interviewed regarding where he feels the future of the on-demand economy is going and how it’s affecting our world today – he believes the shared economy and contract workers are one of the biggest accomplishments of our generation, opening the doors for employment ideal for single parents, stay at home contractors, and the elderly workforce.

handy app Mobile apps opening doors for shared economy
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The mobile app itself offers a user experience that’s easy to use and convenient to book / change appointments. The Handy workforce is then able to select / assign jobs based on availability and location. The business model itself is the face of the future of the service industry, innovating convenience and no wastage of resources.

From home cleaning to handyman services, Handy instantly matches thousands of customers every week with trusted professionals in cities all over the world.” – Handy

Through the use of their digital platform, consumers can book appointments in seconds, securely pay, and await for home-rescue without the hassle.


Mobile apps for an easy lift? If NYC or another city hub is your home base, you’ve probably already grown quite familiar with this service offered by Uber, Lyft, and now even Yellow Cab in a smaller way. Through these services, drivers can access jobs through the app, and choose to accept or decline – determining their own schedule and workload.

As a matter of fact – requesting transit services through a mobile app has become the standard for many people on the go. And as quick as the interface has caught on, there’s no denying the future of transit services has gone mobile.

lyft mobile app opening doors for shared economy
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The GM of Lyft spoke at the event, and was asked a direct question about the “chicken and the egg” regarding growing user base and supply base for a shared economy business model. Supply was the response, and then clarified that supply side needs to be done first in response to user demand.

Before Lyft and Uber, requesting a transit service though an app wasn’t even a thought. It was an innovative approach to the demand, which is and always has been there for more convenient methods that fit into the consumer lifestyle.

Companies that are looking to grow are also looking to partner with other apps. One of these companies is Lyft who expressed the desire to partner with growing apps in the NYC area.

Mobile apps opening doors for shared economy
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These companies are just the start of a bigger movement of the involvement of mobile app and digital marketing in the new economy and on demand lifestyle of the new generation.

There are many other organizations including Breather that allows you to book spaces in NY through mobile app, Luxe which offers valet services in 15 minutes with car wash and convenience driven to you, and many more industries flourishing through the innovative technology of mobile app integration.

We understand the world is going mobile, and companies which have a desire to keep up with the current flow of technology will need to develop a new outlook in the way they perceive innovation and business models in order to survive. If you’re ready to get involved, check out some ways a mobile app could be integrated into your industry and the benefits it could provide for your employees, consumers, and the bottom line – business revenue and the future of your company.

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Our deep involvement in mobile app development creates an advantage for an App optimized user experience, and our #AumThink will help you to determine the best avenue to pursue in the inevitable future of the mobile app.