Another step towards easy and accessible shopping has been announced with Instagram streamlining their IGTV Shopping feature, giving businesses yet another avenue to selling products to their audience. This means users will be able to shop items featured in these videos with just one click. For businesses and users learning to understand this feature, essentially brands are helping create enhanced virtual shopping carts, where items from several different companies can be added and purchased all at once.

Unlike any other social media app, Instagram IGTV shopping is the first platform to offer this form of interactive eCommerce. Here, we will touch on the benefits IGTV shopping offers to both businesses and consumers, as well as tips on how to get started with your own brand’s IGTV marketing strategy.

Instagram Marketing

Around 91% of Instagram users follow at least one business on their accounts, meaning this is a perfect platform for companies to work on their marketing tactics. Businesses should also be aware that around 83% of consumers discover new products through Instagram, while 80% use the platform as a deciding factor on whether or not they should buy a product. Overall, Instagram can be considered as a crucial component to the success of a company.

From photo posts initially offering clickable links to products and stories allowing users to swipe up to their eCommerce sites, the evolution of IGTV shopping allows businesses to yet again reach their audiences in an even more successful manner. Altogether, this feature is the most digitally user-friendly and personalized way users can shop to date.

How To Use IGTV For Marketing

It’s crucial your company learns how to use IGTV for marketing purposes. With chances of creating a viral marketing strategy, through these shopping videos your brand has the ability to reach millions of potential customers. For brands that have yet to utilize this feature, below is a list of tips when creating your first IGTV shopping video content.

Create a Great Concept: As video continues to be a favorite form for advertising products, coming up with a great video concept will help your brand’s overall ROI. Without your audience fully conscious of this, your videos are essentially advertisements molded into a social form. Your brand should work at thinking outside the box, creating a scenario your audience would want to be immersed in, and smart ways to highlight the products being marketed. For example, retail company Anthropologie recently started a holiday IGTV shopping series where the brand showcased products in different scenarios. These videos were made with the purpose to relate to their audience and what they may be doing or in need of during the holiday season, from hanging out in matching pajama sets, arts and crafts with the family, and seasonal decorating.

Create a Great Concept

Clickable Links: No longer having to add “link in bio” to all of your brand’s captions, IGTV allows your company to connect multiple links to each post. For instance, if your video contains several different products you are trying to market, your brand will be able to add a link for each individual item.

Hire A Professional: Whether your company chooses to edit a video within Instagram or use a different application to create its content, it’d be smart to consider hiring a professional. By hiring someone who specializes in social media marketing or a videographer, your company is increasing the chances of creating great content that your target audience will appreciate.

Reach Your Audience: Through IGTV advertisements, this is also a way to reach your audience on a more personal level. Surpassing what imagery could offer, video content allows your company to better sculpt itself with personality and branding.

When done correctly, the efforts put into Instagram advertising could lead to a great ROI. A total of 73% of Instagram users reported buying a product off the social media platform, so it’s likely your company could begin to real in business with IGTV shopping.