Pinterest is the latest craze in social networking or bookmarking with those literal pins which is been used every day to pin those interests. Or we can say it is the simplest form of social media site allows you to create “pins” which are basically image links from your pinterest account to another website.


From one survey, Pinterest is the 16th most popular website in the U.S. and nearly half of the users are Americans. This information graphic shows how quickly Pinterest is spreading around the world. Since the site launched in private beta in 2011, Pinterest has grown around 12 million active users. The site received 16.23 million unique visitors in February alone.


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So, why Pinterest is  popular?


>> A picture Says A Thousand Words: – This phrase seems perfect with Pinterest. It’s like a display board where users put or “pin” images on a virtual board with a particular theme or purpose. Each image is backed by a click-through link to the website where it was discovered. It can help you to bring traffic back to your website, since the images are at the end are linked to these websites from where we are pining it up. It provides you a space to comment and to “like” or “repin” the post. This ultimately helps you to reach to targeted customers.


>> The approach Is Positive: – The images or posts pin on the Pinterest got motivating, interesting, hopeful, positivity, freshness, exciting things in them which is being shared among people. There is no negativity or anti posts on the Pinterest. People support, motivate and comment to the post which inspire them or if they have the same interest.


>> Better Connectivity: – It helps you to connect with new people with same interests based on common interests and tastes. It not just helps you to find the target customers but you can broadcast or pin your work easily. It definitely creates curiosity and interest among people if you are able to target the right set of customers.The re-sharing or repining concept makes it very interesting as you can reach to the maximum number of people in a short span of time.


>> Easy To Publish : – In this, you just have to share things which you come across on websites. If you like it, pin it. This is as simple; you don’t have to push images in the account like other social website. So, risks are lower.


>> Very Informative : – It gives you range of information according to your interest level. Sharing thoughts, pictures and information like DIY helps people to create or develop new things. This definitely helps in creating curiosity among people and a positive image is built in the customer’s mind, which means image formation. It helps in developing the brand image among the customers.


No doubt Pinterest is addictive. You not just learn few incredible things which are going around in the world but you can share your feelings and emotions over it. It’s like an institute which helps you to attain knowledge on different vertical with the help of graphics. At the moment joining Pinterest is by onsite invitation only. So, it’s time to get addictive and start pinning. It attract organization who dealing with visual content like – fashion, painting, wood crafting, real estate and many others. Its visual content sharing website Its Female dominated and useful resource for Female oriented business. Digital marketing agencies start opting it in their marketing plan to get brand awareness and SEO benefits because their pages comes in search engine ranking.