What Is Penguin?

Penguin debuted in 2012 and was created to discipline websites that were spamming the search engine. The debut brought turmoil to those who practiced malicious tactics such as “keyword stuffing” and other “black hat” practices that got their pages to the top of Google. Initially, Penguin was created to follow Google’s quality guidelines and has been updated throughout the years to keep up with it the ever evolving web. In fact, according to the Google’s official blog, the algorithms being applied use over 200 unique “clues” to determine what is the best content for searchers. These clues are focused on ranking high quality sites that will yield the best results for people who are using their product, so it is no surprise that they keep updating the service to maximize results.

Penguin 4.0 Real Time update
Image Source: Seroundtable.com

In the past, Penguin’s updates have been about precision and efficiency. Over three years ago, an update simply dubbed Penguin 2.0 allowed for the algorithm to be finely tuned and yield better results. A year later, Penguin 3.0, was slowly being spread over the course of a few weeks and was a much smaller tune-up. This latest update, which is being called Penguin 4.0, is another testament to Google’s commitment to what made them so powerful on the Internet.

What Is In This Update?

It has been two years since the last update so this one was much anticipated. The first and one of the most prominent features is that the algorithm is now embedded in the “core” algorithm allowing it to judge the value of websites in real time. This is incredibly important because in the past, Penguin’s data would take time to be processed and applied. Google is now allowing its algorithm to crawl all over the web and provide the best results much quicker for people. Now, countless agencies that offer SEO services will have to create fresher content that will be noted by Google and in turn noted by searchers.

Google penguin update 4.0
Image Source: Twitter.com/SamUnderwoodUK

Penguin also now devalues spam based on specific spam signals. In the past, entire websites were affected by these spam signals and were affected greatly for poor links. A well-rounded digital marketing agency would use another tool Google provided to counteract and make up for this loss. The Disavow Link service was a great way to remove links that companies might have purchased because this goes against Google’s policies.

In the past, these links took weeks to be removed and identified as being removed so having Penguin update in real-time is a huge boost to productivity. This also begs the question if the use of the Disavow Link service is even necessary to use anymore. For assurance sake, many will still and should use the service to make sure that webmasters achieve the ranking they desire.

What Should You Do Now?

Google wants rich, incredible content that users want to find. It is the simple goal that takes a lot of talent to create. These updates are not just to be expected but should be warmly embraced by experts working in a digital marketing agency and those who are just starting off their journey into search engine optimization.

Google continues to get smarter, thinking more and more like a human and less like a machine. Want to get at the top of results? Write like a human, create content for humans, because that’s who it’s for – and you will be judged according to your works.

In order to get the attention of any search engine, start by identifying what content attracts people to your sites. From there, focus on creating something unique that uses keywords that can easily identify your brand. Create material that is timely, relevant and post it often. As much as you want to be found on Google, the search engine titan wants to find you. The Internet is ever changing and there is a constant need to adapt to the change. We are witnessing an era where one update has major ripples across so many different platforms and we should not take this on with fear but rather as another challenge to be met.

There is no doubt that Penguin will be updated in the future and send shockwaves throughout the Internet. There is also no doubt that many will be tackling it head-on to figure out the best way yield the results they want. Now, Penguin is in a greater part of Google and views spam in a different light while still reinforcing the use of classic tactics to make the most out of results. We are seeing real-time data that is sure to get us the results we want.