Mobile searches have drastically increased in 2014 and by the end of 2015, they will account for a much higher percentage than searches made through desktop devices. So, a major question which should be in the mind of business owners is whether or not their website is mobile search friendly. Recently, Google has launched a new tool to test whether your website is mobile optimized or not. In mobile search results Google provides a label under the search URLs named  “Mobile Friendly”. As per the Google Webmaster central blog, this tool is supposed to be rolled out all over the world within a couple of weeks.

Mobile Search Friendly

This can be a major ranking factor for mobile websites because after this update, Google bot will take into consideration factors such as mobile version website designs, visibility, page rendering, etc. over different mobile devices. So, after this update it has become mandatory to get this mobile friendly label for your mobile website.

Here is a list of criteria’s which Google implements in order to see your mobile search results with a Mobile Friendly label.

1. Avoids features that are not common on mobile devices, like Flash.

2. Text should be readable without zooming. Text content should be properly visible and clear to visitors without zooming on different mobile devices.

3. Content size should fit as per mobile screen so that visitors can see website content without scrolling and zooming.

4. Place links far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily selected. This means a proper distance should be between two anchor links so that visitors can easily select the correct one.

Before building your mobile website, be sure to follow Google’s criteria to ensure it is mobile search engine friendly.  If you’d like to test whether your website is successfully mobile search friendly, simply run Google’s  mobile friendly test.  This assessment will analyze your website and report  your results. We did a test for a client’s optimized mobile Website and were pleased to receive awesome results. Take a look below for our mobile friendly test result snapshot!

As you can see, Aumcore website has passed the Google’s mobile friendly test.

The reason your website should be mobile friendly is because Google has now added a label which accompanies websites in their mobile search results. If your website fails Google’s “mobile friendly” test,  mobile users will be more likely to avoid visiting your website in favor of a competitor that is mobile device friendly.  This of course will lead to a downfall within mobile organic searches for your website.

If your website has failed to meet this test criteria then follow all the suggestions provided by the Google on the test result page to make your website mobile friendly. When you have resolved all the issues as reported by Google, perform your test again to make sure your website has become Mobile friendly.

Apart from Webmaster and Analytics, Google’s new tool is one of the best ways to test whether a website is mobile friendly or not. When you have invested a large sum of money to develop a dedicated or responsive mobile compatible website, it is highly recommended that you take the time to conduct Google’s simple but informative mobile device friendly test.