The Smartwear category is one of the most interesting and fastest developing industries in the marketplace today. It seems that every other week there is a new wearable being produced or released by familiar and up and coming companies. To stay on top of all the latest and greatest gear, we’ve compiled a summary of some of the most intriguing concepts and products out there today.

A Smart Belt You’ll want to Wear

Fashion and Technology are pairing up once again in the latest installment of wearable technology. A United Kingdom hardware startup called Nifty has recently launched a bid for their designer belt/charger combo on the popular crowd-funding site Indiegogo. CEO & Co-Founder of the startup, Piers Ridyard, says that the belt, simply named “XOO” was designed with functionality and wearability in mind.

XOO Belt
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The product holds a respectable 2,100mAh of charge and the charging wire is inconspicuously concealed beneath the belt strap, ready to be utilized at a moments notice. Despite its handy purpose, the designer aspect, along with luxury materials such as full-grain leather, makes this belt one you’ll want to wear. “Xoo” has already surpassed their original goal of $50,000, and the company’s Indiegogo page says they will begin shipping the product in July 2015. If you’d like to take a gander, check them out here.

Google Won’t Give Up on Glass

Although Google Glass never quite gained the traction that was initially expected, Google is proving that they have not yet given up, as new reports from the WSJ indicates that the embattled specs have found a new partner in Intel. When Google Glass was first released, the units contained chips from Texas Instruments, whom infamously exited the smartphone business, leaving many of its partners and products high and dry. Glass then faced the challenge of upgrading their outdated Android 4.0 OS, with the subsequent KitKat update being just as disastrous. If the reports are true however, an Intel chip could be the respite that Google has been seeking. The partnership has the potential to eliminate the overheating and crashing malfunctions which plague the current generation of Glass, as well as provide crucial updates and immediately improve speed specifications. The new and improved Google Glass is said to have a release date in 2015.

Samsung Releases their New Gear S Smartwatch

In the world of smartwatches, Samsung in particular seems determined to make a name for themselves. The mobile device company has released a succession of watches within the past year, with the Gear S being their latest attempt. This time around, they may be onto something however, with a large percentage of owners endorsing the watch with really positive reviews. The Gear S has a built in sim card that allows the watch to make and receive phone calls independently, although you do have to link it to a cell phone initially. After that however, you can choose to “divorce” the watch and phone, leaving you with a fully functional, James Bond-esk watch/phone combo. Besides that, you’re also able to text, find directions and monitor your health activities, as is the standard with most smartwatches. The Samsung Gear S is starting at $350.00. Be forewarned however, if you are planning on using it as a watch (And really, who isn’t?) an extra monthly charge of $5 for Verizon and T-Mobile Customers or $10 for AT&T and Sprint users will be applied.

Samsung Gear
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It’s been stated that Smartwear will ultimately improve the wearer’s health and quality of life, not to mention the convenience factor (i.e. a belt that doubles as a charger?!). Sign us up for one of each please! Be sure to check our blog regularly for the all the latest Tech Wear Buzz!


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