Users are powering up, logging on, and signing in faster than you can say “hashtag.” The digital revolution is transforming everything from fashion and food to media and healthcare. With such a big shift in the way the world communicates, it should come as no surprise that the online world has changed the way businesses operate and advertise.

Similar to how businesses used to fight for the best billboards in town, they now fight for the top spots on search engine results pages. Why? Well, in just a single second, Google sees over 400,000 searches; in one day: 3.5 billion; in one year: 1.2 trillion searches are conducted on this digital powerhouse. These stats are the reason PPC services and SEO experts are in such high demand. Staying on the ever-coveted first page of Google’s search results doesn’t just mean more visibility or more traffic to your website, it means a happier bottom line for your business. Like a top notch digital marketing agency, these tips will show you how to build your online presence and get more conversions on Google.

Baby Come Back!

If you’re getting clicks but no conversions, remarketing is a powerful conversion rate optimization tool, especially over time. When your team targets users who have visited your site and left, what you’re doing is building a stronger connection with those users.  According to Search Engine Land, conversion rates increase with more ad impressions. The more users see and familiarize themselves with your brand, the stronger your impact is. Cent Muruganandam writes that 72% of online shoppers are likely to leave a shopping cart before completely checking out. When users are not remarketed, only about 8% of them come back and complete their purchase. When users are remarketed, 26% come back to finish their checkout process  ̶  that’s 18% more people making purchases!

Networking in offline marketing

To retarget users and bring them back to your website, provide different offers based on where they are in their journey. Maybe offer a general 10% one item at the beginning of their journey, but as they get closer to checking out you can try an add-on sale. Free training lesson when you complete your purchase today or a free one-month subscription to your newsletter! Compared to traditional paid advertisements, retargeting ads receive a 10x higher click-through rate and they’re also cheaper than display ads. Retargeting is a great Google AdWords hack to increase PPC conversions. Form tailored ads by referencing the pages users have visited in the past and start increasing conversions.

Keywords Hold the Key to Your Heart

In the physical world, people may pass your store on the way to the grocery store. They might have seen a flier hanging in their local coffee shop or they know a friend who was a patron last week. Well, until virtual reality has become so advanced that we can do all of that in an online space, the way users find your website is by going directly to your site or searching for it.

The same way you specified your retargeting ads to your user’s journey, tailor your keyword choices to your funnel. Will Fleming of KaiaComm put it best when he says, “The right kind of content depends on where a prospect is in the buying cycle.” What are the different keywords users are searching at each stage? What solution are you offering to their problem and how does that translate into a search term?

Search Engine Land notes that relevant content creation is 57% most effective, but it’s also one of the most difficult tactics. If you want to know how to improve PPC and make the process easier, check out what keywords Google suggests based on the keywords your team has been using. Keyword Tool Dominator is an easy tool that will show you Google’s suggestions for your keywords, and it’s simple to use. If your team is stretched out a little too thin, look to your local digital marketing agency and their PPC services to help you with keyword research. It may be more work, but run the extra mile to understand your user’s journey at a more intimate level and watch your conversions finish the marathon.

Optimize for Mobile

From tablets to smartphones, mobile Internet access is essential to a user’s day. In fact, upwards of 60% of searches are conducted on some form of mobile device. It’s critical that your website is optimized for mobile these days, especially when 94% of mobile traffic is driven by Google. Increasing your conversions on AdWords also means providing your users with a mobile friendly platform they can access when they’re on the go.

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Google AdWords conversion rate averages by industry show that 33% of conversions happen on mobile and 67% happen on desktops. It may seem as though mobile is lacking on conversions, but Adobe’s 2016 Mobile Retail Report reveals that consumers switch to desktops for ease of use and to enter payment information. What these two statistics show is that mobile search is used to supplement conversions on desktops.

Make your user’s journey easier by optimizing your content for mobile devices. You can also ask for a free consultation at a digital marketing agency to see what options they have for mobile optimization and PPC services. What’s most important is to be able to give your customers multiple opportunities to interact and engage with your brand to drive conversions.

Just a Few Clicks Away

As brand and user presence increases on the Internet, AdWords conversions become even more important. Advertisers are launching themselves into learning the best tactics to gaining more traffic and generating stronger leads. These three tips will help keep your team ahead of the conversion game. Let’s see them again:

  • Remarketing is a powerful tool for conversion optimization
  • Tailor specific keywords to your user’s journey
  • Optimize your website for mobile to help drive your conversions