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Case Study

Bringing music to the masses with a SEO strategy delivering 5.6X organic traffic to listening consumers


HEOS by Denon is a line of wireless speakers from the leading manufacturer of premium home and personal audio products, Denon. Providing dynamic audio with less wires and more drama, HEOS by Denon creates a scenario where the user is able to play music to and from any room in the house, and the ultimate experience of freedom of sound.

Searching for a reliable digital marketing agency with a solid track record of SEO success, they came to us to increase the organic ranking for their newly launched wireless system. The goal was to develop a better way to reach their consumers searching for solutions with key competitive search terms including “wireless speakers”, “wifi speakers”, “multi room audio” and other related queries.


As the line was completely new, the visibility directly to consumer needed some additional exposure. At the time of product release, Denon used the URL for the HEOS line http://www.heosbydenon.com. We converted this URL to http://usa.denon.com/us/heos to remain short and impactful for relative searches, as well as to receive direct benefit of performed social and PR activities by relating to Denon directly.

Our SEO Experts also considered all aspects of the HEOS website content including meta tags, heading tags, copywriting, internal linking, and more – these were all optimized for best results within our full spectrum of SEO services and solutions.

The targeted keywords selected by our team and HEOS based on search landscape for the industry at that time were filled with many high authority sites, so the market for top placement was highly competitive. However backed with a global team of Content Creators and SEO Experts, we were able to massage every aspect of search engine optimization to work towards achieving the goals of HEOS by Denon.


Overcoming the competitive industry of technology and audio entertainment, we were able to achieve page #1 rankings in Google search for 4 of 5 primary targeted keywords, as well as first page ranking on several secondary and tertiary keywords (previously not visible in the top 100 results of Google) which matched the search words queried by consumers in search of the technology of HEOS by Denon’s wireless sound, bringing the consumer directly to their solution.

The corresponding organic traffic growth saw an incredible rise of 5.6X, generated by the optimized SEO and maximum exposure of HEOS to the masses in search of sound solutions. All resulting in bringing HEOS by Denon to the forefront of wireless speakers and the multi room audio industry with a serious bang, straight to the waiting ears of their listening consumers.

HEOS by Denon | SEO
HEOS by Denon | SEO