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A global innovator of cybersecurity solutions that render all threats useless


Amassing over 200K customers in 193 countries throughout their 20-year history, Comodo Cybersecurity is a leading provider of trust-based, internet security products that render all threats useless, even military-grade threats and zero-day attacks. To accomplish this, Comodo operates under two beliefs:

  • Security should be proactive, not reactive
  • Security is a right, not a luxury

These beliefs, along with an innovative cybersecurity platform that enables customers to protect their systems and data, create reliable, centralized and fully scalable security solutions fit for today’s hazardous online ecosystem.

Although already unique in the highly competitive cybersecurity market because of their proactive approach to threats, Comodo wanted to highlight and magnify this uniqueness, and further reposition themselves to compete with the industry’s top players. With their sights set on increasing brand authority within the cybersecurity industry, which has a direct impact on brand awareness and the ability to attract new audiences, Comodo turned to us for a solution that would accomplish all their goals.


Our first step was to narrow on Comodo’s market share and the consumer attributes to focus on for their brand messaging, so we decided to develop a benchmark report of its standing within the cybersecurity industry; something that would take extensive research, long hours and many cups of coffee.   Next we developed a Brand Strategy and define a tone of voice for the web including creating a Brand Manifesto.

From here, we put our design hats on and focused on Comodo’s website. Even though they had vast knowledge and expertise to share, it just wasn’t shining through in their communication. Adding to this was their fragmented brand identity, complex UX and design treatment — attributes that led to a complex site without a coherent tone of voice (ToV) or style.


Starting with Comodo’s website, we used storytelling to permeate each and every product with authority. We revitalized the entire site with a completely new look and feel, rebranded them with brand new layouts, structured content through an appropriate visual hierarchy and tailored everything according to their main user types. We also incorporated a singular ToV throughout that addressed concerns potential clients will have, and included clear and actionable solutions they could take.

Knowing Comodo wanted their uniqueness to shine even more, we went the extra mile and designed a cyberlanguage based on their existing logo to distinguish them from their competition. Apart from this, we created a brand manifesto to tell their story and define how they wanted to position themselves in the overarching cybersecurity landscape.

Today, all visitors landing on Comodo’s website know that even though you can’t prevent all cyberattacks, they’re there to render them useless without compromise.



Comodo Cybersecurity | Branding & Web Design
Comodo Cybersecurity | Branding & Web Design
Comodo Cybersecurity | Branding & Web Design