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Luxury eCommerce for a
premium activewear brand

Cope Active

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    Cope Active

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    Magento eCommerce


Copé Active, the premier online destination for luxury activewear and accessories is built on the idea that women want to work out in style. Knowing that looking good doesn’t have to stop when you walk into a gym, Copé marries fashion and fitness in a combination that unites health & wellness with niche designers from across the globe. The results? Designs that are flattering from morning to midnight.

Even though they were already ahead of the curve when it came to high-end activewear, Copé wanted more. They wanted their voice to be heard above the noise and confusion of the crowded marketplace. With this in mind, Copé came to us for a solid eCommerce strategy that would not only showcase their wide range of designs, but also bolster their presence in the UK market.


From the get-go, our vision was to build an eCommerce platform with a lifestyle-focused identity that would encourage Copé’s target consumers to choose a healthy and stylish way of living. To this end, social integration and its ability to bring together different brand aesthetics were a must.

Of equal importance was our desire to deliver an excellent shopping experience that would drive sales; we wanted Copé’s users to be able to go from product selection to checkout in as few clicks as possible. From past experience, we knew that this feat could be accomplished with a variety of useful features that would augment the customer journey.


With an offline beginning, we were able to design an eCommerce site that introduced Copé Active to the online world. Powered by Magento, Copé’s new website included Gift Card solutions and a seamless on-page checkout that could turn any user into a happy customer. This design included WordPress and Instagram integration that would serve three features:

  • To generate traffic
  • To engage with a wide audience
  • To show off Copé’s products

One of the biggest challenges, to keep the Copé Active brand on the forefront of a platform that served multiple brands, was accomplished with a design that married varied imagery under one umbrella. Not one to stop at ‘good enough’, we also designed holiday and special occasion banners and used customer journey mapping to solidify the perfect digital experience for end-users — a solution that created a high-caliber, intuitive and sleek website with sales to match.

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