Another algorithm update! In a frenzy trying to understand what the Penguin 4.0 update means for your SEO strategy?

  • Shouldn’t we all be going crazy trying to adapt to the new brain child of Google search?
  • Has your SEO teamed evolved their practices accordingly?
  • Is there a change you should be making to adapt to the changes?
  • Can you expect the same results from your current SEO plan?

Relax. If you’re working with a team of SEO experts, they’ve been operating based on this update for a long while now, so no one is doing anything differently. The only change for you – you’ll be getting results faster with the official launch of Google real time Penguin Update.

When Penguin was first introduced in 2012, the changes of the algorithm were already made clear to industry experts. Aumcore constantly monitors Google’s new algorithms, and adapts quickly and efficiently to ensure SEO services have adapted accordingly. In some cases, (like with Penguin 4.0) this allows our team to stay ahead of schedule. What do we mean by that? Though Google made a big statement with the changes that Penguin would bring, not all the changes went into effect immediately.

Therefore, the Penguin 4.0 update isn’t really new news at all. It’s just an announcement that the changes previously introduced are now live and being actively enforced in Google search’s core algorithm. Which is great news for you. Your site’s value will be rated on a higher priority, so you’ll get good search engine ranking.

With the highly anticipated judgment of website value in real-time now in effect, submissions to Google have been prioritized. That means when your SEO experts suggest changes to Google, Google responds quickly. Instead of waiting several days for a response, Google is now resolving issues in a matter of just a couple of days or less. They are also crawling websites searching for site value as a greater priority, which means that even changes that have not been submitted will be resolved in a more efficient manner. Though not exactly in “real-time” as the term suggests, the added speed can make a big difference for sites utilizing search engine optimization with faster results.

Those that are experiencing negative effects due to the penguin update were likely involved in generating links doing spammy SEO practices (known as black hat SEO). That’s because the update also went live with the previously announced penalization of black hat link building techniques, posting links sporadically on un-relevant sites, taking links on a specific keywords based anchor to increase their ranking and spreading spam in order to receive SEO benefits.

Aumcore Adaption Strategy

Since we only practice the highest standards of ethical SEO, our clients and SEO teams can now sit back an enjoy an extra cup of coffee with the newly found extra time, while Google provides a faster, more efficient response. Thanks Google.

What a relief. No algorithmic stress levels here. This update is already under control. Below are the details of some content marketing strategies adopted by Aumcore’s SEO experts which shows how we are very much aligned with the Google penguin update:

The basic approach is always centered to users, not search engines.

  • Content: Content is key for digital marketing, we have experienced creative content writers from specific industries to help us to create content as per your audience mindset. We are not involved in automated keyword-based content writing.
  • Article Marketing: We find best resources to place article content, posting only one article per resource. We don’t use duplicate content on multiple resources.
  • Blog Post: We always try to maintain information-based blog posts rather than promotional blog post content, to provide benefit to readers.
  • Guest Posting: We find relevant third party websites/blogs according to our client’s industry and post content as per the audience interest to gain targeted referral traffic and brand awareness.
  • Press Release: We only focus on genuine press releases as per client officials and publish them on good authority news websites.
  • Branding: Our primary focus is to build brand awareness through multiple activities rather than a keyword-based promotional approach.
  • Modern Approach: We always explore new things to use in our campaigns rather than follow traditional rules.

There are many other strategies which we are practicing to adhere to Google guidelines available in our content syndication marketing plan that help us improve and maintain search engine ranking. For more detail about our services visit us here.

Curious to learn more? Learn the details of the updates in effect and how it’s different than the previous release here if you’re hungry to dive deeper for more information.