Instagram’s progression can be traced from a trendy app to a high-power social network.

With 500 million monthly active users and over 400 million daily active users, this social platform demands attention. Applications like Instagram are important social media marketing tools because engagement drives results, and likes, comments, and shares are all useful ways that a company can build its branding.

These Instagram marketing trends for 2017 will help your business utilize user actions to get results that count. Let’s dive in!

Choose a Palette

Instagram profile themes are becoming more popular as demand for high-quality content increases. Many users still cater to individual posts, but more and more brands are thinking about the bigger picture. When creating your social media marketing strategy, choose a theme for your account that reflects your brand’s overall personality.

Recognized by Hubspot as one of the best brands on Instagram, Letterfolk is a small business run a husband and wife duo. If you scroll through their feed you can immediately see a correlation between each post. Every photo features one of their letter boards against an earthy or light brown background. Throughout their page, you can see occasional pops of color, which help give off a homey and playful vibe.

How to Promote Business on Instagram
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This aesthetic works perfectly for their target audience because users can envision the product in their homes; where it can be placed, how to use it, and most importantly, how they can personalize it.

When it comes to your Instagram marketing strategy, creating a theme for your profile will help influence how users feel about your brand. According to BufferApp, 70% of Instagram users report having looked up a brand on this platform. Users will travel from your social media profile to your website because they’ve gained an interest in what your company has to offer.

Users who make this journey are already familiar with your company. They have an established connection with your brand. It’s important to cultivate that relationship among your audience because it will help create a loyal followership. You’ll notice that as you see those clicks turn into conversions, it’ll feel as though Instagram did all the work for you!

Instagram Live for Transparency

Although it was only introduced last year, Instagram Live has 100 million daily active users. When it comes to Instagram marketing trends for business, Instagram Live has stolen the show. Brands love live streaming because it gives them the opportunity to be completely transparent with their users.

Digital video advertising no longer means creating a commercial. Instagram Live allows you to get really creative. Many brands have opted for demonstrations, on-the-spot interviews with previous clients, or test runs to prove the quality of the product. For more unique ideas on how you can use Instagram live for your business’ digital video advertising check out this post that’ll help you along the way.

Remember that social media is about being social. Comment on the latest buzz in your industry and get some influencers to talk about the new trends. You want your live stream to be entertaining, informative, and fun for your viewers. Use some of these Facebook Live ideas and integrate them into your Instagram marketing strategy. These new social trends were meant for out of the box thinking, so think outside the box!

Tell a Story with Your Stories

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Just like Snapchat, Instagram Stories feature short video clips and pictures of every user’s day, and has amassed a following of 150 million daily active users. Your brand can utilize this feature on Instagram to highlight behind-the-scenes actions that go on in the office. Not only will it help with branding, but it will also make users feel as though they’re closer to your team and your company.

Social media marketing has progressed to the point where users don’t want to simply see products. They want to see the brilliant minds creating the products too! Snap a picture with your design team, give users a sneak peek into what a board meeting looks like, or tell your product’s story.

Market with Instagram

Utilizing Instagram for your brand’s digital video advertising strategy can be a lot of fun. That’s the perk of working with social platforms – it doesn’t feel like work. Take a step back from the fast-paced culture of your company and engage with your users in a way that’s comfortable for them. Instagram gives you that perfect opportunity. Let’s look at how your brand can do just that one more time:

  • Choose an Aesthetic: Make a theme for your profile that correlates to your brand’s unique personality
  • Market with Instagram Live: Live stream to show your users how genuinely amazing your products are
  • Make Use of Instagram Stories: Tell the story of your product by giving your users a look at all the hard work that goes into it

Remember that social media is about being social! Don’t be afraid to test out your ideas. Figure out what your followers respond and react to. Where are they engaging with your content the most? What kind of content did you put out that day? Track these specific metrics to ensure your success!

These tips are all so your brand can start using Instagram a little more creatively to drive results.