With so much room for new and interesting ideas to make your mark, content marketing is constantly changing with new, innovative technologies. Case in point, artificial intelligence (AI). While this field is always in flux, it’s how artificial intelligence is changing content marketing that’s making a huge impact in the industry as a whole, creating an experience that performs similar to, if not better, than human intelligence. After all, AI is continuously advancing in technologies like machine learning, which is quickly moving it forward and making tools backed by it stronger than ever.

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As to the why, it’s because machines aren’t prone to human error like we are. Whereas we see a big table of data as tedious and likely to lead to a mistake here or there while analyzing it, a machine sees organized data that’s ready to be sifted into its proper category. Maybe this is why IDC concluded that by 2020, the AI industry is forecasted to reach a total of $77.6 billion. Gartner also predicts that around 80% of management will be completely eliminated by 2030 due to AI.

AI Tools in Content Marketing

So, what even is an AI tool? Well, artificial intelligence is a technology that allows computers to “think” and perform at a level akin to that of human intelligence…sort of. It may sound crazy in writing, but it’s actually used in your life a lot more than you may think. In fact, AI content marketing tools are constantly being used in our lives without us even knowing it, and it is completely changing the world. For instance, artificial intelligence ranges from the personalization of your social media news feeds to asking your phone, “Siri, what are Mexican restaurants near me?” Anything digital that gives you a personal feeling to what you are consuming is all thanks to AI.

While there are many questions about what AI tools can do for content marketers, incorporating them into a marketing strategy is actually critical for skyrocketed success. In other words, content creation using AI goes hand in hand with the future of content writing. To illustrate, here are a few ways AI tools are pivotal in creating great content:

1. Web Content Optimization

AI tools are crucial to get your content optimized for search and aligned with what users are looking for. AI content optimization is perfect for key tasks like SEO and topic suggestions. Knowing what people are searching for with tools like CONCURED allows for you to ensure your content is going to come up on search engines and get seen by your audience. What makes CONCURED stand out is that the company focuses heavily on optimizing engagement. Not only that, but CONCURED also works on content in any language to ensure that your web content optimization is perfect, no matter who’s consuming it.

2. Personalized Recommendations

A huge way that AI generated content is used is through creating a personal experience for your consumers. The best part is that it benefits both you and the consumer, as you can get a sense of the types of products they are interested in and recommend similar ones. AI content curation with tools like Optimizely allows you to know what your consumers likes and allows you to show them what they want to see. Optimizely is used by huge companies like Microsoft, eBay and MissGuided to amplify their customers’ experiences. Optimizely uses a concept known as Symmetric Measuring to increase conversations on websites and give customers a consistent, personalized experience.

3. Chatbots and Personal Assistants

Making your customer feel like they are important to you is crucial for a happy customer. Using AI created content with tools like Massively allows you to create a personal conversation between the consumer and the business is the perfect way to instantly create a connection with a mass group of people at any time. Massively understands that the user experience is becoming more demanding as technology increases. Creating chatbots and assistants that people will actually want to talk to is what makes Massively stand out against their competitors.

4. Automated Insights

Reviewing insights is a huge part of content creation using AI. Being able to see when your audience is active online and what they are interested in with tools like AIQUA has a huge effect on not only how and what you are marketing, but also on what days and times are best to put the content out there. AIQUA offers services to give you insights on what your customer is doing inside and outside of your app or website, creating a proactive and engaging platform. You can also use creative copywriting services to give you the assurance that your social media content is structured in a way that perfectly caters to your target audience.

5. Business Forecasting

Having an overview for what your company’s predictions are for sales gives content marketers an idea of just what kind of AI generated content needs to be marketed out to the public, and knowing what a very specific target market needs with tools like Dataminr is imperative to success. By starting the news gathering process early, Dataminr brings spot on predictions and keeps you ahead of the game from your competitors, ensuring that your content is put out before your competitors.

Why Use AI Tools?

The benefits of using AI tools are tremendous for both content writing and content marketing. Heck, it’s not just beneficial, it’s becoming a necessity for business owners to integrate them into their content strategy. AI created content is what makes ordinary content stand out to be exceptional content. According to Statista, 84% of enterprises believe that investing in AI will drive them to greater competitive advantages. On top of that, Forbes concluded that the amount of jobs requiring AI tools has jumped over four times the amount it was in 2013.

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The benefits of simplifying the way you work and generating an attractive experience for the customer is what makes AI tools so key for content marketing and writing. Never before has a tool been so available to read the customer’s minds so instantaneously, and we are here for it.

Your AI-Backed Content Strategy

As you can see, AI tools give you an automated forecast of what to expect from your customers. These tools put you right on track to create a content strategy of your own based on how artificial intelligence is changing content marketing. That being said, let’s talk strategy. Here is a simple three-step plan for you to create a personalized content marketing strategy for your business:

Step 1: Get the Essentials

In order to create a successful marketing plan, you must first define the basics. Determine who your target audience is, write down what your goals are, and clarify what you are lacking or missing currently.

Step 2: Find Your Purpose

While it may seem impossible to define your purpose, this is where artificial intelligence comes in to save the day. Using AI tools, you can physically track what type of people view your content, when they are viewing it, what other things they are interested in, and even what they are searching for organically.

Step 3: Track Your Results and Make Changes As Needed

Track your results and REALLY track them. It takes about 21 days to get into a routine, so get into the habit of tracking these daily to keep up to speed with how analytics change, how consumers are reacting to things, and what your customers are interested in. For example, use AI social media content creation to better know your customers and maybe even find a new type of customer you never knew you had!

BOOM. You have just created a successful content marketing strategy using artificial intelligence content creation.

Final Thoughts

A good content marketing strategy can completely transform the way your company creates content. One of the beauties of living in the 21st century is the abundance of AI tools at your disposal to make this happen. For example, you have the five tools we covered today:

  2. Optimizely
  3. Massively
  4. AIQUA
  5. Dataminr

With these tools you can see for yourself how artificial intelligence is changing content marketing in exponential ways. As for the strategy you can use, here are the steps one more time:

  1. Get the Essentials
  2. Find Your Purpose
  3. Track Your Results and Make Changes As Needed