Whether you’re an SEO Agency, Marketing Manager, or just up to snuff on your Google tech information – you probably have some idea of what Google “PageRank” means. But prepare to open your mind to a new way of thinking. Google’s ever-evolving algorithms have morphed once again, and there is change in the wind for SEO in 2016 with the Page Rank Toolbar update.


For those of you that might not be as familiar, Google’s PageRank system is an endless and complex algorithm linking structure used to indicate the value of any given website page. Until recently, PageRank was the god of SEO, and the most determining factor of a page’s placement in Google Search. However, that all might come to a change (or at least part of it).

Image Source: http://www.elliance.com/aha/infographics/google-pagerank-explained.aspx


Does this mean PageRank is no longer the only primary decider of Google’s ranking system? Well no, not really… And for you experts out there, this might not sound like new news. Google has been talking about a slow death to PageRank for years (since 2007 to be exact), so why the sudden buzz?

Well apparently, this time it’s for real. Search Engine Land made the first announcement of the official removal of the Toolbar PageRank update as confirmed by Google. So if your site was utilizing the Google PageRank Toolbar option, you may have noticed it’s now non-existent. Previously displaying a measure of 0-10 (depending on the site’s ranking) Google has chosen to remove this feature.

What is important to note, is that this change is not because it no longer affects SEO ranking, but because Google considers it more of an internal measure – which by the way, will still affect your site’s placement in search results.

So from an SEO standpoint – this will not be a ground-breaking change in 2016 strategies… yet. Though there is speculation on how much Google is altering the importance of PageRank in the back-end of the algorithm.


Google’s Toolbar PageRank update may not have every Marketing and SEO agency in a scurry yet, however there is plenty to keep the diligent Technology Experts actively searching into how this will affect SEO in upcoming months.

While the general consensus has been nonchalant, Google is known for keeping their dark secrets and exact formula for ranking signals quite discreet. Just because there doesn’t seem to be an immediate change in page placement results at this time – doesn’t mean a change has not been made along side the outward display of PageRank’s removal.

The most important do-diligence at this point is to carefully track and observe – as all SEO Experts must constantly do for the ever-evolving landscape of Google Search. As a part of our #HealthySEO approach, it’s crucial to be up to date on every aspect of search engine ranking, adapting to that evolution in order to provide 1st page results.

What’s you’re reaction to Google’s Toolbar PageRank update? And if you are looking for some solid factors which will affect 2016 SEO, be sure to follow up on our article: Focus On These Search Engine Ranking Factors In 2016.