Although summer is coming to an end, you’re still going to hear some buzzing.

We aren’t talking about those pesky mosquitos that ruin every BBQ you’ve ever had. Instead, we are talking about drones. Yes, companies seeking to use the air for their gain will soon dominate that hobby your neighbor is really into.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Monday new rules that will allow companies to use drones for mapping, filming and much more.

Remember how Amazon wanted to get into the drone game? Well, sci-fi is looking more and more like reality with each passing day. With these new regulations, drones can weigh up to a whopping 55 pounds, including anything that might be added on to it (like packages).

Unfortunately for Amazon, drones have to stay in sight of operators. But, some companies can register for special waivers that allow them to test drone use without the operator keeping an eye on them, as well as permissions for flying at night.

The FAA Is Finally Allowing the Commercial Use of Drones 02
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As of now, drones can be flown up to 400 feet in altitude and at speeds of 100 mph. Think you’ve got what it takes to become a commercial drone operator?

While you don’t need a license you do need to pass a written test. Remember those 10 or so questions that you breezed through to get your drivers permit?

Well, you’re not going to be able to cram on the way to this test. The study guide alone is about 80 pages and covers a wide range of topics like how weather affects the drone to inflight emergencies.

80 pages of drone material has not deterred anyone from getting their license either. As of Monday, the FAA got about 3,000 requests for these certifications.

With all these regulations in place, there are still many questions we will have about drone use. The big one is privacy. As of now, the FAA has guidelines for any drone operator that sounds like common sense because it is. Don’t fly over people’s private property without their permission, don’t gather data for no reason and don’t harass people with your drone. See, common sense.

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It is a very exciting time for drones and those who love the technology. Maybe in the future you will be getting a few goodies from Amazon in the time it takes for the pizza drone to drop off your pie.

But, will our skies be clouded by buzzing, bleeping flying machines at all hours of the night or will we find a more practical solution? We know of air traffic but is it possible we will get air gridlock traffic in the future?

Then again, imagine how many dismissed the automobile, planes and even the Internet only to be proven wrong.

Check out the announcement via The Washington Post for more information.