In June 2016, Aumcore was invited to speak to a group of New York based Jewelers regarding the importance of SEO and how it can help support their business. With a full house in attendance, Niraj Patpatia provided the benefits of Search Engine Optimization Services and how to get started.

Sharing insights on #HealthySEO™, Niraj demonstrated the importance of digital marketing in the growth of both B2B and B2C companies. Did you know over 800K consumers search engagement rings on Google every month?

Jewelers in New York City have continued to thrive through the years with hundreds of years worth of loyal clientele and word of mouth advertising. With fair prices and incredible quality of work, these boutique brands have been the go-to place for high quality jewelry. However with the rise of the digital era, it has become necessary for the jewelry industry professionals to support their traditional marketing efforts with a strong backbone of digital marketing services, creating awareness to the majority of shoppers who leverage search before buying both for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar shops.

In fact, 72% of young customers research their options online before heading to a store to buy, and 2/3 of in-store shoppers check their smartphones before making a purchase at a shop.

To keep their competitive edge, the Jewelers began seeking avenues to expand onto digital platforms, asking Aumcore to serve as a navigator. With Aumcore leading the way, this session helped to further educate these business owners in how they could gain more visibility through the benefits of SEO, whether to grow their brand or empower their retail-channel partners in selling their brand.

The presentation not only described a complete SEO strategy but also showed jewelers the necessary components to increasing and maintaining a strong digital presence specific to meeting their industry needs. Aumcore provided insight into the digital world for these businesses by revealing innovative strategies that would help them create new clients while preserving olds ones. With Aumcore’s #HealthySEO™ approach, these business owners gain the ability to be placed directly in front of a new consumer market, increasing brand awareness for themselves and/or their retail partners.

#HealthySEO™ is Aumcore’s innovative approach that maximizes a multifaceted lifestyle of SEO – one which has the power to achieve top Google Search results and sustain that presence placing you directly in front of your target audience.

With this results-driven approach, Aumcore’s work allows companies to expand their footprint in designated markets by exposing their products and services to consumers in the digital world. Leveraging proven marketing techniques, Aumcore was able to open the doors to results that further develop branding and increase organic traffic in a cost effective manner to the jewelry industry of NYC.

With a global team of passionate, driven SEO experts, Aumcore seeks to continue empowering business owners about developing a strong digital foundation. The creative thinkers, technology experts, and storytellers at Aumcore strive to equip business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools for success. For companies who would like to learn how to get involved, Aumcore welcomes you to accept session invitations educating those in NYC and the greater tri-state area on #HealthySEO™, Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy, and more.