Technology is rapidly changing in order to make a common user’s life comfortable and easy. Earlier the term “mobile devices” only referred to simple phones or laptops but now it encompasses much more than just cellphones. The sale of gadgets which are termed wearable devices for ex. Google glass, smart watches and wristbands have already expected to hit the roof by 2018. After smartphones, a parallel technology called wearable technology has emerged, which is considered the next big thing in the technology industry.

A wearable device is a tiny computer that users can wear on their bodies which often includes tracking information related to health and fitness. The wearable devices allow users to keep a track of a lot of things without physically holding a gadget in their hands and can be put to many uses. A recent news released by Business Insider announced that the annual device shipments of wearable technology market will grow exponentially to 485 million in 2018.

The technology giant “Motorola” recently launched its latest wearable device called Moto360 which is absolutely the best-looking out of all other Android Wear watches (the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live) available in the market today. Many people carry a feeling that Moto 360 is a smart watch; but it much more than that and is equipped with many unique functions such as good smartphone on-watch navigation, voice-activated commands and intelligent message notifications.

Moto360 has been designed so as to create a fashion statement. It is based on the Android Wear operating system of Google. The distinctive feature in this device as compared to other smart watches is its round dial. Other such devices available today either have a square or rectangular dial or look like tech gadgets and not timepieces. A few other unique features of Moto360 include an in-built pedometer and heart rate-monitor. The heart activity app will help wearers of Moto 360 to monitor their heart rate constantly which other heart rate sensor-equipped smart watches do not do.

Keeping in mind the ever increasing demands of a common user in terms of keeping tabs on their health, Aumcore developed a local alert notification application called the Prescription App for Moto360 which is aligned with the use of technology in the healthcare industry.

It would be of great help to all the Moto 360 users who want to keep track of their day-to-day health and fitness goals. This prescription app alerts a user about the details of the prescribed medicine along with its dosage.

As you can see from the snapshots, the screen of the watch displays a local notification with details about the medicine which has been fed into the prescription app by the user.

With its audience centric approach and integration of new trends in technology, Aumcore is constantly working on the development of innovating and user friendly apps for a common user which are being used across different industry verticals. We will soon be launching a health application using Google Glass which can scan barcodes on medicinal strips and also give you its instant details. With this application, patients and doctors can get information about their nearby pharmacies and also get important specifications about the prescriptions. There is much more that the innovative team of Aumcore has in the pipeline.

If you want to know more about the healthcare applications and wearable device apps that we have developed, please feel free to reach out to us with your contact details. We would love to hear from you.