Aumcore announced ASL partnership with IBM for Worklight. With this partnership, Aumcore will be able to deliver more interactive Multi-Platform Enterprise Mobile Application Solutions to our customers worldwide. We are now one of the largest ASL partners with IBM Worklight in North America.

The Worklight agreement was signed on April 19, 2013 with IBM. Aumcore can now create more interactive Enterprise Mobile Applications based on the Worklight platform. This platform will bring support to building, testing, running and managing Mobile Applications that can meet the enterprise security standards of global organizations around the world. It will give a massive enhancement to the technology Aumcore is already offering to our clients.

With the implementation of IBM Worklight platform; Aumcore can proficiently develop, run, and manage HTML5, Hybrid, and Native Apps for our clients. With the dynamic platform of Worklight, we will now develop cost-effective Mobile Applications. This step will reduce turnaround time of the application while enhancing the Mobile Application governance and security.

IBM Worklight will positively assist Aumcore to develop superior Enterprise Mobile Applications with improved application quality, encrypted server-client communication, and user authentication. It works on all current mobile operating environments including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Phone, Windows 8, Java ME, Mobile Web and Desktop environments. For further information on Aumcore Mobile Application Development Services, visit

Aumcore is the pioneer in providing innovative solutions. It provides a perfect blend of technology and innovation specializing in Enterprise Business Solutions and Mobile Application Development. We have been successfully delivering advanced and innovative Mobile Applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices.

About Aumcore LLC

Aumcore LLC is a fully integrated and multidisciplinary creative group that promotes consumer engagement across all media. We are an extension of our clients’ interactive marketing teams, providing outstanding digital marketing services around the world. Our digital marketing team specializes in the implementation of 360-Degree Marketing Strategy in every industry vertical.


About IBM

IBM is a US based technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, NY. It is one of the largest innovative technology and consulting employers in the world. IBM provides business continuity services to clients helping them to work proactively and to identify, understand, manage, and respond to operational risks and business disruptions. The solutions provided by IBM help its clients to sustain unremitting business operations while enabling them to protect the brand in a superior way to remain a trusted provider to its customers and associates. For more information, please visit