Party mix is only as good as, well the mix. And we’ve got the best mix at Aumcore any place could ask for – now extending our reach welcoming in two new additions to the team. Excited to introduce our newest team members: Joel Agnes and Kristina Petrick. Growth is an exciting part of every success story, and we’re thankful to be starting the year off to a great start and new beginnings.

With our current hub-spots around the world in New York, Atlanta, Ontario, London, Kuala Lumpur, and New Delhi – this addition is just the beginning of beefing up our group of exceptional individuals. With team spirits high and doors wide open, join us in embracing a beautiful future, and get to know these two peeps on a personal level.

Meet Joel Agnes 

Joel Agnes joined the Aumcore team on January 6, 2016 as a Project Manager. Since graduating from Pace University, he’s been actively involved in the Marketing field, including a similar role as Project Manager for an art consultation company, and working at a fashion e-commerce company (Stylight) in Germany, where he was able to have a significant impact on their U.S. marketing campaigns, internal structure creation, and account management. With an understanding of personal relations and the backbone for problem solving, he’s an asset to the team and taking on projects by storm. Now that you have the raw talents and facts, let’s get to the fun! #Food #Music #Passion

“I love jazz – one of my favorite attributes of NYC is the alive and thriving jazz scene, and there are so many places to eat. I try to eat at least at one different restaurant a week. Favorite restaurant in NYC – Rissoteria.”– Joel

Joel also enjoys being outdoors, staying fit, and long walks on the beach (just kidding) #ButForReal (Okay we added the beach part) With Aumcore, He’ll be responsible for effectively communicating and understanding our client’s needs, and functioning as the liaison with our development and creative teams – working together to create the best solutions for our 360 spectrum of Marketing Services. As the direct line of contact with our clients, he’s the guy to talk to, to get the job well done.

“I’m very excited to work for Aumcore – there is tremendous amount for me to learn from them, and I am confident that we will be a great team and accomplish incredible things.” – Joel

Meet Kristina Petrick

Aumcore family team Kristina
Kristina Petrick – Creative Content Writer

Kristina Petrick joined Aumcore January 5, 2016 as a Creative Content Writer. Is she the one responsible for oddly writing this in the third person, sipping on a cup of tea? Perhaps, you’ll never know. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication from Liberty University, she pursued a career in the fashion marketing industry. Working as a Visual Marketing Manager for Consolidated Shoe Company (the mother-company of several shoe brands), she was able to expand her working skills in a plethora of avenues including graphic design, social media, lifestyle and product photography, creative writing, working as a branded stylist, website design, and overseeing projects created in uniquely branded stories. And if that’s not fun enough, here are some more juicy bits.

“The things that make me happiest in life are family and friends (ok that’s a given), hot coffee, and being in the sun. I love traveling, but also value the few, treasured moments of stillness.” –Me Kristina

A large mass of her free time is spent poured into her fashion and travel blog, day in my dreams, where she has created a space of monochrome, minimal inspirations and personal storytelling. Putting those written thoughts into full gear, she’ll be responsible for writing creative content for Business Website, Blog, Article, Infographic and Social media, and various mediums generated to create a meaningful, resonating story – strategically personalized to each brand and organization, and maximized to drive traffic and enhance brand awareness and capture consumer interest.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Aumcore team, and look forward to creative juices flowing, and developing a strong, symbiotic relationship with Aumcore and our clients.” – Kristina

Growth is the most sure sign of growth. And we’re excited to be doing just that. The future is bright. With an outstanding team already in place, these two new additions will only strengthen our force, and help us to meet the growing demand of our partners’ needs. Stay in touch for more news and updates. Change is in the wind, and you won’t want to miss it. Want more details, or interested to see what else is rockin’ in our world? Comment below and we look forward to staying in touch!