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Sunway Lagoon

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    Sunway Lagoon

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    Campaign Strategy


Sunway Lagoon is a multi-award winning theme park located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is the one-stop destination for people of all ages looking to have some fun. With over 80 attractions, Sunway Lagoon provides the ultimate theme park experience and plays host to some of the hottest acts and global events. As the company’s 20th anniversary approached, Sunway Lagoon tasked Aumcore with creating a campaign that would highlight the fun and exciting history of the park through the years, while also promoting future visits.


Digging into the theme park story, Aumcore created a full circle campaign strategy based on design experience and research into the industry to develop imagery that would tell the story of Sunway Lagoon and appeal to the wide age range and dynamics of the clientele. Through a combination of original illustration, planning, and site development, Aumcore was able to meet the goal of capturing the enjoyment and liveliness of the world-renowned theme park.


The campaign featured elements from each of the five parks within Sunway Lagoon, including the ATVs and go karts, which are favorite attractions of the Extreme park. We also shared the memorable events on the Sunway Lagoon’s fresh website, to show what would be in store for them when they visited the park in person. With event schedule and ticketing available on the UX and UI optimized site, the design was created to seamlessly allow potential visitors an easy way to book their travel. Sunway Lagoon experienced multiple registrations, leading to a successful, booming 20th anniversary event – where visitors were reminded of the cherished history of the park, experienced hours of fun, and looked forward to their next visit.

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