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Crafting a legendary website design
for a legendary audio
equipment manufacturer

McIntosh Labs

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    McIntosh Labs

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    Web Development


Widely known for handcrafting powerful audio systems that deliver the ultimate entertainment experience in music and film, McIntosh Laboratory has been powering some of the most important moments in audio history for the past 70 years. From Woodstock and the Grateful Dead’s infamous “Wall of Sound,” to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s inauguration speech, McIntosh has not only witnessed history, they’ve shaped it.

Over the years, power in audio has become synonymous with the McIntosh name. They have a fan base consisting of heavy hitters like Les Paul, LA Reid, Earth Wind & Fire, Bob Weir, The Beach Boys, Rob Thomas and many more, and the list keeps on growing. Knowing this, McIntosh wanted to make it so their whole audience — from young to old — could navigate their website and browse through their catalogue. With previous experience with serving as a catalyst for the ask, they were quick to tap our shoulder as they relaunched their site. Seasoned players in the game, we were ready to help.


Our first thought for the redesign was to put ourselves in the shoes of McIntosh’s audience so we could narrow on all the ways they would interact with the brand. We wanted to really get into their mindset and come up with the functions and features they would appreciate the most, regardless of whether they’d access the site on desktop or mobile. From here, we also wanted to push their products to the forefront so their audience could see them in all their glory.

After a couple of brainstorming sessions, we decided to make use of Sitecore’s new platform that boasts of next-level automation in the form of contextual customer experiences. With a write-once, distribute-across-any-channel approach that automatically serves content in the best format for every user’s device, Sitecore seemed like the right choice in the mobile-first world we live in. We also wanted McIntosh to be able to take advantage of Sitecore’s personalized UX that would allow them to set up personalization rules to deliver targeted, relevant content to unique visitors — something that would drastically increase engagement with the brand.


Our efforts culminated in a finished product that exceeded all expectations. In the end, we relaunched and redesigned McIntosh Laboratory’s website from the ground up — the wireframes, design, content, everything. We were able to show off all of their products and, thanks to Sitecore, collect customer data across all sites, even from non-Sitecore based systems, so McIntosh could tailor and improve their campaigns. We also upgraded their backend, allowing them to set up custom analytics and personalized UX to update content based on user behavior, further allowing them to market in context and present a personalized, relevant customer experience for all.

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