Content management is becoming one of the biggest issues for digital marketers today. From content creation for social media, to email newsletters and digital campaigns, managing content can be frustrating. That’s why content management systems (CMS) are important tools marketers can use to keep all of their content—infographics, images, descriptions and everything else—in order. One of the best CMS systems currently available in the market is Sitecore because of its unparalleled ability to help marketers create seamless and personalized experiences for their users. Today, we’re going to go over why Sitecore CMS is the right option for your business.

Why Sitecore for Your Business?

There are hundreds of different CMS options out there, but one of the biggest reasons Sitecore is our CMS of choice is because it’s a content management system that operates within the context of a user’s interaction history, which gives eCommerce business owners and marketers the ability to offer more relevant products and services to customers. Plus, this CMS combines quality content with comprehensive user data to deliver unique results to marketers in real time. The system’s flexibility also allows marketing and IT professionals to manage, collaborate and integrate their projects cross-channel. This makes troubleshooting and updating your website 10x easier. For huge enterprises, this is a huge benefit because you’re able to manage multiple content streams with different teams working on the same projects at once.

Features of Sitecore

Among the main features of Sitecore eCommerce are web content management, customer insights, customer profiles, page templates, and omnichannel capabilities. For a digital marketer looking to organize and optimize content for their business, this will help them turn interactions into transactions by creating a robust customer profile. For example, the Sitecore platform utilizes machine learning technology to make accurate predictions about customer behavior. The experience cloud also continuously collects data about individual users and then assembles all that information in one comprehensive profile. Sitecore development services can even pull data from third-party sites to help inform marketers even further about what purchasing patterns could arise within a particular user.

The Sitecore WCM (web content management system) also tracks customer behavior across the internet, giving brands the ability to see what key factors affect a consumer’s decision-making process. This is invaluable information marketers can use to put themselves ahead of the competition. By crafting web pages that mimic user preferences, Sitecore CMS development helps turn qualified leads into conversions.

Additional Benefits to Using Sitecore

There are dozens of Sitecore features and benefits to explore for businesses of all sizes. One of the key elements of this platform, as noted above, is its ability to track customer behavior and help marketers create effective content and effectively target the right consumers. The best part is that Sitecore has even more to offer. Sitecore CMS benefits also include helping marketers deliver contextual customer experiences with the following features:

  • Web Content Management: Sitecore operates on a global level and offers multilingual content on its platform.
  • Customer Insights: Through the Experience Database (xDB), Sitecore is able to give marketers a holistic view of their customers.
  • Experience Profile: The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) tracks all user interactions within a brand’s digital channels, providing more insightful data than traditional metrics.
  • Digital Analytics: In addition to user profiles, the Sitecore XP also gives contextual insights by analyzing trends that show up in user behavior.
  • Experience Accelerator: Built into Sitecore, the XA enables a faster flow of work for brands with the help of content teams.

These features within Sitecore help marketers get a more robust understanding of their customer’s buying journey and, furthermore, help them understand how they can use that information in a marketing campaign.

The Re-Cap

Sitecore was created to give businesses omnichannel automation capabilities. Operating with email, print, social, mobile apps and non-Sitecore websites, marketing professionals can retrieve audience information from all corners of the internet to create more insightful candidate profiles. Afterwards, teams can perform more precise targeting based on the trends and patterns in specific user demographics. Hopefully this blog post has shown you some of the best features of the Sitecore enterprise content management system. Here are the key takeaways one more time:

  • Sitecore is an omnichannel content management system
  • This platform allows you to create user profiles based on their history within context
  • That information gives your team the ability to create more specific marketing campaigns
  • You can also track your analytics with Sitecore XP to further understand trends about your audience’s behavior
  • Sitecore also empowers teams by giving them a space where they can cross collaborate

Don’t forget to pair Sitecore with some of the best eCommerce platforms for your business! And if your business ends up using Sitecore CMS, let us know how it goes in the comments below.