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Posted: 09 Apr 2020 Contributor: Therese Palmere

11 Video Marketing Statistics For 2022 That Marketers Must Be Watchful of

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Video content has been on the rise for quite some time now. YouTube creators became celebrities, Instagram introduced videos to its platform, and live streaming is now available on all major social channels.

Although the video content trend isn’t new, the internet has found new ways to create and enjoy videos. The rise of the video-based social media platform, TikTok, can attest to this. The ability to take social media channels “live” is another tool that brands have been using more and more of as social distancing becomes the norm.

The rise of video content in the last two years has been largely driven by the need for brands to connect with their audience and customers from a distance. Using Facebook and Instagram Live, marketers and influencers can connect with the world in real-time and answer any burning questions that customers may have. This real-time engagement is helping to build relationships with potential and existing customers. This is, of course, in addition to existing video content on social media.

TikTok videos usage and YouTube Shorts have increased in popularity as a result of this, with an estimated 689 million global active TikTok users reported at the beginning of 2021.YouTube remains one of the biggest video content providers with over 2 billion users globally.

Video content has proven time and time again to be both entertaining and beneficial to users and marketers alike. Videos garner more attention and engagement from users, videos, have a higher chance to go viral compared to other content types, and creating videos is an easy way to inform and educate consumers. But as we’ve seen above, the nature of video content is constantly being changed and enhanced. This is why businesses need to be aware of the rising video trends so they can bring relevant content to their consumers. In this blog post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about video marketing and the top 11 video marketing statistics for 2022.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has grown exponentially over the years as evidenced by the video content statistics 2022 listed below:

  • Over 500 million hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute leading to around 720,000 hours of content uploaded a day! On top of that, one of the most staggering online video consumption statistics is that the average person is estimated to watch at least 100 minutes worth of online video content a day
  • Facebook receives 4 billion video views a day
  • On Instagram, 70% of the total users watch some form of video content each day
  • On Pinterest, people watch around 1 billion videos a day
  • TikTok, whose main content type is video, has amassed over 1 billion monthly active users in a short time. This social platform has more users than older sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Twitter.

Video content is not going anywhere and is clearly a strong force for user engagement.

You may be wondering what the benefits of video marketing are, and why you should use video marketing? To help you better understand this, we’ve compiled the top three benefits video marketing has to offer businesses:

  1. Engagement: Videos are known across all social channels to have increased levels of engagement. This means your brand experiences more likes, comments, shares, and an increase in brand awareness. On Instagram, videos generate more engagement than any other type of content on the platform. Video marketing is a great way to connect with your audience and build relationships with your customers.
  2. Credibility: Videos increase your brand’s credibility by building trust with your users. If your audience can see your product at work with their own eyes, or hear testimonials from previously satisfied customers, it will help them build confidence in your brand.
  3. ROI: As you will see below, in one of our key statistics to pay attention to in 2020, video marketing yields the best ROI of any other content type. Videos help brands communicate their image to customers and  convince users of their product quality. This not only builds a brand’s credibility, it gives users the assurance they need to convert. If you’re looking for a high return on your investment, video marketing is the answer for you.

The benefits listed above should be enough to show you how powerful video marketing can be. But if you’re still wondering if online video marketing is effective, please refer to the social media video statistics 2022 below!

Video Marketing trends

Top 11 Video Marketing Stats for 2022

The statistics below are divided into three sections: social platforms, a word from other marketers, and users. These statistics were compiled to help inform you of key details to pay attention to, that could inform your video content distribution strategy. Make data-driven decisions and consider these facts:

On Social Platforms:

1. LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video than any other type of post on the platform.

2. YouTube and Facebook are the most widely used platforms for video marketing by businesses

3. 90% of shoppers have discovered a new brand or product through YouTube

4. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google of course.

A Word from Other Marketers:

5.Online video content is predicted to be the leading source of web content, coming in at 82.5%

6. 94% of video marketers believe that video content helps users better understand their product

7. 86% of marketing professionals worldwide say that video content is the leading form of web traffic

8. 57% of marketers use live video

On Users:

9. The number of people believed to be consuming video content in 2023 is 3.5 billion

10. 68% of YouTube users use the platform to help make an informed purchase decision

11. 92% of social media users choose to watch video without the sound

4 Social Media Video Trends in 2022

While video is set to make waves and the above stats indicate it, there’s no envying the fact that social media will become the hub of it all. So, based on that, let’s take a look at the social media video trends you can look forward to this year.

The future is vertical

The new normal for video orientation is vertical, or portrait. With the rise of Instagram Reels and TikTok, this trend makes a lot of sense. YouTube and Facebook have also started accommodating vertical videos. So, if you are shooting a video, keep your phone upright and shoot vertical.

Story videos are king

The appeal of the time sensitive Story videos is something that many online users have been taking note of. It also facilitates customer engagement and safely stores the data in your account, even after the video has disappeared.

Captions above sound

Most users watch video content without the volume on. Captions are therefore important and need to be considered when creating your online video content.

Less is more

It’s no longer about hiring an entire production crew to shoot your content. IT’s about creating authentic content that people can relate to.

Building an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

With all these statistics on video, you may be questioning what is a video marketing strategy? And how do I start creating one? Video marketing strategies are created for the promotion of your company’s video content. They help promote your products and services to your target audience. When it comes to building an effective video marketing strategy, there are a couple of items you should consider.

First, you need to set a budget. How much of your brand’s budget are you willing to allocate towards your video marketing efforts, if any at all. Considering how much you can set aside for your video production will help set the scope of your campaign.

Another item to consider, is what do you want from the campaign? Do you want to simply increase brand awareness and drive engagement? Are you looking for users to subscribe to your newsletter? Do you want customers to purchase your new product? Determining what your KPIs are will help measure the success rate of your campaign.

Lastly, running A/B tests will help refine your campaigns and maximize your ROI. You will be able to definitively rule out which campaign elements performed better. These tests will allow you to have the best possible campaign for your brand.

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5 Types of Marketing Videos You Should Add to Your Strategy

With so many platforms available and video streaming formats, the next logical question to ask would be “What are the types of video marketing?”. Well, to help you out, we’ve listed five examples to help you get started.

1. Explainer videos:

As the name implies, the purpose of the video is to share information on the brand or product. These videos need to be short, sweet and to the point while engaging with the audience. They need to address a customer concern and share why your solution is the best option.

2. How-to videos:

Customers need to know how to use your product and creating a step-by-step video will help them do exactly that. It’s an opportunity to showcase your product as well as its functionality. There’s room to have fun with this and generate some engagement.

3. Testimonial videos:

These videos serve as proof that your solution works by sharing honest feedback from existing customers. People want to know that they can trust you, and what better way to do so than by word-of-mouth advertising?

4. Behind the scenes videos:

From sharing the company story and value to shining the spotlight on employees and why they do what they do, there are so many ways you can approach this type of video marketing.

5. Product videos:

They are the heroes after all, so why not shine the spotlight on them individually? Share the benefits of it all and maybe even a glimpse of the product in action.

Top 5 Video Marketing Examples 

Creating a video marketing campaign from scratch can be difficult. When you’re unsure of where to start, sometimes the best place to find inspiration is from the leaders in your industry. Taking note of what other companies are doing will help you understand what strategies are currently trending, and give you an idea of what your team can create for your brand. These video marketing examples will help get your creative juices flowing: 

1. GoPro gives users the power by challenging their customers to share their favorite adventures – shot using their GoPros of course! This not. only increased the brand reach but allowed them to engage more actively with their audience and turn them into brand advocates. As a result, most of the video content shared by the brand is user generated. This is a great example of using resources wisely and using what could be seen as testimonial videos to take the brand to new heights.

2. Nike’s Dream Crazier Narrated by Serena Williams shows how you can use storytelling to propel your brand. When this ad campaign was released it took social media over by storm.  This video amassed over 31.6 million total views on Twitter and 665k engagements. On Facebook, it received over 13.8 million views! The storytelling of this ad is what hooked users. Nike featured women athletes like Caster Semenya and Megan Rapinoe who achieved their dreams despite the adversity they faced. The ad reminded all of us, with real stories, that it seems crazy until you do it.

3. Shopify shows you how by using video content to help users understand how to use their platform. with over 250,000 subscribers, this approach clearly works. They even have user-generated content illustrating what to do when something goes wrong, talk about thinking outside of the box.

4. Calvin Klein #MyCalvins CK50 shows how you can use influencers to increase your brand awareness. for their 50th anniversary, Calvin Klein decided to select specific celebrities to participate in their celebration. They chose big names like Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Lil Nas X which helped amass over 3 million videos for the ad on YouTube. These celebrities were featured in a thematic video that heavily referenced 80s style. CK used these influencers to celebrate their anniversary and remind users of their relevance.

5. Adobe tugs on the heartstrings during the pandemic by showcasing our heroes. This is a great example of using topical events to your advantage. The brand posted a video to honor the frontline heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. This humanized the brand while showcasing its product and its abilities.

These top 5 video ads are great examples of how you can connect with your audience while promoting your products and services. 

Key Takeaways

Videos have become a huge portion of content production and consumption. That’s why video marketing is the future of digital. We hope the video marketing statistics for 2022 have helped inform you of key items to consider when strategizing for the coming year. If you need a slight refresher, here are the key takeaways one more time:

  • Video content is entertaining, engaging, and easy to consume
  • Video content has grown in consumption across all social media platforms
  • It is also the content type that yields the most engagement
  • The top three benefits of video marketing are user engagement, brand credibility and return on investment
  • We’ve compiled some of the most informative stats on video marketing sectioned by social platforms, what other marketers are saying, and on user behavior
  • Building an effective video marketing strategy means setting aside a budget, determining your KPIs, and running A/B tests
  • Take inspiration from popular video marketing ads from your favorite brands like Calvin Klein and Nike

So, if you weren’t already using the power of video to market your brand, this article is the final push you need to see it become a staple in your strategy.

This blog post is updated on 16 Feb 2022.

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