Introducing Threads, the innovative social media platform created by Instagram Inc, a subsidiary of Meta. Since its release on July 6th, this digital sensation has already garnered an impressive 30 million downloads, causing ripples in the online sphere. The app’s enticing description states, “Threads is the hub where communities unite to engage in conversations spanning from today’s topics of interest to tomorrow’s trending discussions.

No matter what captures your curiosity, you can effortlessly connect with your favorite content creators and like-minded individuals, fostering genuine connections. Alternatively, you can cultivate your own devoted following, sharing your thoughts, opinions, and creativity with the world.” In contrast to conventional platforms that often prioritize follower and like counts, Threads encourages users to form smaller, more close-knit groups known as “threads,” where individuals with shared interests, values, or experiences can come together.

What is Threads App?

Threads, a text-based public conversation app, made its debut on July 5 under the umbrella of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The team behind Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app, was responsible for building Threads. Within a week, this app became available to iOS and Android users in more than 100 countries. Surprisingly, it amassed approximately 70 million sign-ups within just two days, even shocking Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, according to Bloomberg’s report.

As of December 2022, Twitter had around 368 million monthly active users globally, as reported by Statista. In comparison, Instagram boasts over two billion monthly active users.

How Threads Work?

After downloading the app, simply sign in using your existing Instagram account on Threads. Your username and verification status, if applicable, will seamlessly transfer to your Threads account. Furthermore, you have the option to personalize your profile specifically for Threads.

Once logged in, you can choose to automatically follow the same accounts you already follow on Instagram. Additionally, you can explore and add new accounts to follow directly within the Threads app. Your feed will comprise a combination of posts from the accounts you follow, as well as recommended content. Just like in competing apps, you have the ability to reply to, repost, or quote posts from other users within Threads.

How Threads is different from Twitter?

Threads Operation Details Comparison to Twitter
Integration with Instagram Threads is seamlessly integrated into a user’s Instagram account. Twitter operates as a standalone platform.
Sign-up Process Users must sign up for Threads through their existing Instagram account, retaining their original username and followed accounts. Twitter users sign up directly on the Twitter platform.
Synchronized Settings Various settings, including user blocking, restrictions, and word filters, are synchronized between Instagram and Threads. Twitter has its own independent settings and customization.
Account Deactivation If a user decides to stop using Threads, they can only deactivate their Threads account, which also leads to Instagram account deletion. Twitter allows users to deactivate or delete their accounts.
Content Presentation Users are shown content from the accounts they follow on both Instagram and Threads, along with recommended content. Twitter displays content based on user’s timeline and trends.
Future Feature: View Accounts Followed There are plans to allow users to exclusively view content from accounts they follow. Twitter already provides users the option to view followed accounts.
No Private Messaging Currently, Threads does not provide an option for private messaging between users. Twitter allows private messaging through direct messages.
Data Collection Capabilities Threads has the capability to collect various user data, such as location, personal information, financial details, and more. Twitter also collects user data for targeted advertising.
Personal Information Collection Personal information that Threads may collect includes address, phone number, political or religious beliefs, and sexual orientation Twitter collects user information but with different specifics.
Compatibility with ActivityPub Protocol (Future Plan) Meta plans to make Threads compatible with the open social networking protocol ActivityPub, enabling integration with other platforms. Twitter operates independently and does not integrate with ActivityPub
Potential Integration Platforms (ActivityPub) Compatible platforms may include Mastodon(decentralized social media site) and WordPress (content management system and website builder). Twitter does not integrate with Mastodon or WordPress.


What Was Purpose Behind the Threads?

The introduction of Threads not only intensifies the competition within the social media landscape but also adds fuel to the ongoing rivalry between Zuckerberg and Musk. Over the course of nearly seven years, these two tech giants have engaged in a feud covering topics ranging from artificial intelligence to space exploration. Most recently, they even hinted at the possibility of settling their billionaire dispute in a physical cage match.

Since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for a staggering $44 billion in October 2022, the platform has undergone several controversial changes that have left its user base unsettled. From altering the algorithm to revamping the verification program and imposing limits on tweet reading, Musk has aimed to transform Twitter into an all-encompassing application.

Now, Threads enters the scene, amassing an impressive 10 million users within a few hours of its launch. This poses a significant threat to Twitter, especially when considering that it took Twitter 780 days to achieve a comparable milestone when it initially debuted to the public in July 2006.

Features of Threads

  1. Massive User Base: Threads reached an astonishing 100 million users in under a week, making it the fastest-growing app ever. Tap into this vast audience that is already present on the platform.
  2. Extended Character Limit: With Threads, you can write up to 500 characters per thread, almost double the limit of Twitter. Express complete thoughts and share detailed stories without the need for multiple posts.
  3. Easy Interactions: Interacting with others on Threads is effortless. Familiar icons allow you to like, reply, repost, or share threads across platforms with a single tap.
  4. Seamless Crossposting: Threads and Instagram are best friends, enabling easy content sharing between the two networks. Share threads to your Instagram Story directly from Threads, maintaining the original content.
  5. Verified Account Sync: If you’re already verified on Instagram, you’ll automatically be verified on Threads, eliminating the need for additional verification steps.
  6. Account Verification through Instagram: To confirm a user’s identity on Threads, visit their Instagram profile and click the Threads link below their username, ensuring you interact with the right person.
  7. Ad-Free Experience: Threads currently does not display ads or monetization features, providing a distraction-free scrolling experience.

Impact of Threads on Digital Marketing

Threads will significantly impact marketing areas. Brands and social media managers should actively use Threads and explore its potential. Content creation, SEO, digital PR, and innovation will be influenced.

Threads offers longer posts, integration with other platforms, and opportunities for SEO specialists. Its association with Instagram builds trust and enables community-building. Advertising opportunities and data access through Meta enhance campaigns. Threads’ success relies on attracting popular users and driving competition with Twitter for innovation.

How Business Can Take Advantage of Threads?

Aumcore, a leading digital marketing agency, can assist businesses in leveraging Threads effectively:

Streamlined Communication: This helps businesses connect with key stakeholders through Threads, ensuring important updates reach the right people promptly.

Seamless Content Sharing: This enables businesses to effortlessly share visual content with their followers on Threads, expanding their reach and engagement.

Instant Customer Support: This provides personalized customer support on Threads, addressing queries and concerns promptly to enhance customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Privacy and Security: This ensures businesses’ sensitive information remains secure on Threads through customizable privacy settings.

Networking Opportunities: This helps businesses expand their network by connecting with industry peers on Threads, fostering collaborations and potential business opportunities.


Threads holds great potential to impact various marketing areas. Brands and social media managers need to actively embrace and leverage the platform’s features, considering its unique benefits for digital marketing, content creation, SEO, digital PR, and technology and innovation.

As Threads gains traction and attracts popular users, it has the power to drive innovation and shape the future of social media alongside Twitter. Marketers should closely monitor the developments and opportunities that Threads presents, as it could become a credible alternative with advertising possibilities and data access. Overall, Threads introduces exciting changes and competition to the social media landscape, encouraging marketers and brands to adapt and explore new avenues for growth.