pin it pinterest buttonThe network has been using the term “Promoted Pins” for a while now, and for those unfamiliar with the site, the verbiage simply refers to a Pin that has been manufactured directly through a company with the intent of creating brand awareness and loyalty.

Several brands, such as Target and Old Navy have been a part of Pinterest’s beta run, which the social media network has deemed a success.  According to their latest Blog post, Promoted Pins have successfully achieved the following:

  • “Brand advertisers have achieved about a 30% bump in earned media (free impressions!) from their campaigns.  That’s from people who saw a Promoted Pin and though it was good enough to save to one of their own boards.”
  • “Promoted Pins perform long after a campaign ends…we often saw an extra 5% bump in earned media in the month following the end of a campaign.”

Also making a splash in 2015 is the company’s new, for-business educational initiative, which they have named the Pinstitute.  The idea behind the learning program is to teach businesses “how to connect with Pinners and see an even greater return from Pinterest”.  Quarterly, by invitation only workshops, as well as open-to-the-public webinars will be channeled as the teaching medium.

Though it is evident that Pinterest is paving their way to monetization, the company insists that their platform will not be negatively changed by the new implementations, and to ensure the quality of their site going forward, all potential marketers will be expected to adhere to strict guidelines.