Google has become a staple in our everyday lives. We use it for our email, our travel plans, and for the most powerful search engine to find the answer to just about every question in life. Many, if not most marketers leverage Google and their tool set help develop their marketing strategy. And, the most recent Google Keyword Planner update is really stirring up the pot.

An Update Before The Update

Before this update, many users were already noticing some less than satisfactory results with some of the data Google was providing through the Keyword Planner tool. Certain keywords were not yielding the same results they may have been a few days prior, and the numbers were skewed in results. This led many to believe that Google was updating their service and testing the market before the final launch.

Google Keyword Planner Update Burns the Entrepreneur
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What Is This Update?

While Keyword Planner may still feel very similar to most users, what is dramatically different is the way AdWords is being used. Now, users who do not spend a great deal of capital on the service will note that the amount of information being reported is incredibly limited. Where AdWords gave rich, supplemental data in the past, it is now a much more watered down version for those not making a big investment.

The ranges for AdWords are as follow now:

  • $0 (Free Version)
  • $1–100
  • $100–1K
  • $1K–10K
  • $10K–100K
  • $100K–1M
  • $1M+

Looks like those seeking richer data are going to have to make Google richer in the process. In the past, there were specific numbers for specific words that gave users a good way to determine what keywords might suit their SEO plan. Now, specific data is being watered down and the answer is in the fault of users who are not even there.

Google Keyword Planner Update and the Entrepreneur
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Why The Update?

According to Google, the update was necessary for preventing “bots” that may abuse the service. While the Google Keyword Planner update may address the issue of bots, it does create problems for those who readily rely on the service.

Fighting bots is something the company has been dealing with for a long time now and it should surprise no one that they are now taking what many are feeling are extreme measures to combat them. Google has a lot at stake and so do the people who readily use their services.

Effect Of The Update On The Web

From the smallest startup to the biggest agencies, many use AdWords and Keyword Planner to better define their marketing plan. By limiting the service to those who have bigger budgets, Google is not leveling the playing field – rather they’re skewing it in favor for those with deeper pockets.

This is causing some distress for those who are just entering the SEO game and discovering that it matters a great deal for their company. Startups are a real victim in this because their budgets may not support the cost to discover how people are finding them.

While their intentions may be noble, Google may have created a disorienting mess for many marketers. Those who are truly benefiting now are those who can afford it and whether Google wishes to admit it or not they are favoring a certain group of their customers.

The Future Of Google Keyword Planner

There is no doubt that marketers of all levels of expertise will still be using this service to create a better more sufficient SEO plan. But, many may take steps to find a more encompassing service that will better suit their overall plan.

Google is a part of everyday lives and there is no escaping that. However, there is also no harm in exploring options that may give us robust, rich data as well. This Google Keyword Planner update should be a wake-up call to many that there are a wide variety of options and that putting all your eggs in one basket is truly a deplorable way to think about marketing plans.

This update is simply a very toned down version of a service that many rely on. There has been much conversation about this tool being available to all under a more open platform, and this change is leaving a sour taste in many mouths. We can expect new services to be popping up soon and new challenges arising from this change in the near future. Google may have been attacking bots but they also indirectly attacked those who need them the most.

What are your thoughts on the Google Keyword Planner update? If you’re business is struggling with the change, get in touch with one of our SEO experts to learn how you can navigate the ever evolving universe of Google.