As a general rule, a Marketing Strategy must be all-encompassing, well-defined, carefully structured and comprehensive. It must communicate in the clearest and most complete way a brand’s culture and identity. It must present products not as mere objects, but as useful ingredients of a sustainable way of living, that are truly needed and that carry in them compelling stories.

Yet, sometimes Marketing Strategies (both B2b and B2C) must become even more specific, oriented and customized. When? During the Holidays!

And if the holidays still seem far away, for the brands that don’t follow, but lead and innovate, they are already here.


  • In 2021, in the US holiday sales skyrocketed to $886,70 billion.
  • Online holiday sales grow a more muted 10% in 2021.
  • Loyalty (discount) programs were a huge draw during the 2021 holiday season, as 81% of consumers opted for a brand because they were a member and a 61% joined a loyalty program to receive discount.
  • Post-pandemic, in-person experiences and out-of-home purchases also increased! With the return to outdoor events, spending on festive apparel – only – increased 188%.
  • In the US half of consumers began their holiday retail shopping before Thanksgiving.

It is undeniable, a successful Holiday Marketing Plan can mark a huge difference for businesses of all sectors – from clothing, electronics, foods and beverages to healthcare and toys – not only during Holidays but throughout the whole year.

What is Holiday Season Marketing about?

To adopt additional, intensified and different Marketing strategies in order to maximize your presence in the market during specific periods, when profit margins are wider and chances for growth multiplied.

A Holiday Retail Marketing Plan must be targeted, time and theme-specific, creative and inclusive. Aligning marketing strategies with the Holiday Spirit will make your brand more relevant and will prove that you are an active agent in your local or our global community.

A Christmas Marketing Strategy is a wonderful chance to re-position yourself in the market, grow and get more people to know your culture and your products.

From Halloween to December and on, all companies have a great chance to grow their profits.

Why is it important to have a Holiday Season Marketing Strategy?

Any successful brand has managed to survive being flexible, agile and willing to transform, making serious decisions in a matter of milliseconds. Success is seeing ahead, knowing that every move will echo in the future.

You might have a good or excellent general Marketing Strategy, but if you fail to market your products differently during a Holiday season, the competition will leave you behind.

Marketing is basically about people and human behavior. This is why it is crucial to never forget that during holidays we all feel a bit different. Our lives and moments taste differently. We tend to think differently, act differently; buy differently. Notions like togetherness, companionship, family and friendship flourish easier.

Holidays are exceptional and a Holiday Season Marketing, including a resourceful and special New Year Ad Campaign, is necessary in order to link your business with this exceptionality.

A complete Holiday Marketing Strategy is not optional, useful or important; it is essential. Is to be part of the right here and right now!

Some Effective Holiday Marketing Tips

● Inclusiveness!

Our societies are diverse and multi-cultural. The language and concepts used must be understood and resonate to the widest audience possible; to all genders, all ages -from the Gen Z to the eldest- and from the hippest to the most classic! Holidays are about inclusivity and positivity. Transmit them!

● Creativity and Innovation!

Creativity and innovation are born of necessity. What do your customers really need? Market the usefulness of your product and then take it, wrap it in holiday paper and gift it away!

● Holiday Marketing – Long-term vision

There is this bridge that begins in October and leads to January and from then to the rest of the year’s celebrations. Don’t wait till the last minute. The earlier your Holiday Marketing Plan is set, the better. At Christmas you should be thinking St. Valentine’s (The number 1 Holiday in sales in the US!). Time flies!

● Don’t Sell! Share!

To sell is a thing of the past. In today’s world we share. Share your vision, be open, tell your story and your ideas! Be personal! The product is the extension of your brand’s spirit!

● Use all the tools but Use them wisely!

From the Metaverse and the latest Marketing techniques (Scent or Conversational Marketing) to the most traditional. Optimize your SEO, render it more precise. Keep your social media active and actual. Make sure that digital-wise everything’s working. Apps, software and hardware. Crushes and glitches are the last things you need during holidays!

Some Holiday Marketing Ideas?

  • Change your packaging. Make it playful and joyful. Slip festive notes and gift cards into your packages!
  • Adjust all your content and ideas; make everything Holiday-like. Don’t just market your products; create lasting memories. There is no bigger success for your brand than to be considered as unforgettable and familiar!
  • Use influencers, but remember: Clothes, messages, words and sounds must transmit Holiday vibes. Post TikToks or YouTube shorts with behind the scenes Holiday moments of your company! Change your Hero Image, send emails with a different tone! You can even adopt a Holiday email marketing strategy!
  • Social Media is very important, but during holidays people go out more. Take the streets and market your products outdoors as well. When you do, post on your social media moments of your outdoors events
  • Make special offers and promotions, combine products that are complementary and market them together as one.
  • Surprise! Surprise your customers. Do what you normally wouldn’t. We said it, holidays are exceptional. Be exceptional as well!
  • Don’t focus exclusively on customers. Adopt effective B2B Christmas marketing campaigns. Start new collabs! To be known and respected in your sector will give you extra credit! Recognition among peers is invaluable.

5 Holiday Marketing examples

1. Macy’s Holiday Window Campaign

Macys Holiday Marketing Campaign Example
One more proof that it is not just about selling. People want to see it every year. Do the same; create a tradition! Don’t sell; just showcase your Christmas self. In the end, you will notice financial results as well; it is inevitable

2. Coca Cola

Example of Holiday Marketing Coca Cola
The example of Holiday Marketing. Coca Cola has managed to re-create Christmas. Santa wore green once; Coca Cola gave him new clothes! A holiday marketing plan should create a whole universe. Do you feel strong enough? Re-design reality!

3. Apple Christmas Commercial

Holiday season ads are no longer ads; they are short films. We cannot stress it enough! It is about sentiments and moments. Apple expressed it wonderfully in its 2021 commercial. Family and the unmatched luxury of belonging and feeling loved.

4. Starbucks’ Red Cups & pumpkin spice latte

Starbucks Holiday Season Marketing Examples
You wait for them. Holidays begin when you have your coffee in them. As of lately, they are even designed by the customers. Red Cups & pumpkin spice mean two things; Starbucks & Holidays!

5. REI (Black Friday)

REI Holiday Marketing Campaign Example
When Heineken faced difficulties and decided to change its marketing approach, did something unexpected. They upped the price. This move made them more exclusive and sent a brand new message. REI did something similar. They closed business during Black Friday. Sometimes, to go against the stream, to be bold and creatively courageous is a great option!

Diesel used a slogan: Be stupid! Is Diesel stupid? We don’t think so. Fearless? For sure!

What to expect from this Holiday Season?

Currently, we cross a rough socio-economic terrain. This year the business ecosystem will be more challenging and competitive. But still, during the Holiday Season bigger profits are expected! New customers and further-strengthening your ties with your existing customers base should be the ultimate goal.

During holidays, the market is revitalized and more energetic, so no matter what; opt for the best, do your best and expect nothing but the best. Holiday Seasons are periods of miraculous possibilities and a perfect time for the launching of new products and the implementation of revolutionary ideas.

In 2021, the retail sales showed a 14,1% record-breaking increase that translated into a total of $886.70 billion. This number came after another record-breaking year, as in 2020 retail sales grew at a rate of 8,2 %. The prediction for 2022? Deloitte is forecasting a 4% to 6% increase! Don’t be surprised; be prepared!

Even in times of turmoil and difficulties, holiday seasons will boost your sales and will help you invest and embark on new projects! So keep in mind all the 2022 upcoming Holidays!

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas & New Year’s Eve
  • St. Valentine’s
  • Easter
  • Labor Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day

And of course

  • 4th of July

Holiday marketing slogans

Good slogans work brilliantly because they are short, creative, grow on us and say the most with the least. A good slogan will identify and represent your brand with just a few words and with tiny inventive adjustments, it will easily turn into a terrific Holiday marketing slogan!

  • Make. Believe – Sony
  • Just do it – Nike
  • Impossible is Nothing – Adidas
  • Think different – Apple
  • I’m lovin’ it – McDonalds


  • Open Happiness – Coca Cola

You don’t even need the name of the company; the slogan is enough.

Your brand surely has a name; why don’t you give it a surname as well? It is what will truly differentiate you from the rest. Holiday-time and any-time!

How do I create a holiday marketing plan
Create traction and gain momentum during holidays and you will be able to cruise through the moments when the market is usually…calmer!

How do I create a holiday marketing plan? You might ask… You just have to make the right choice and connect with one the leading digital marketing agencies. Get in touch with Aumcore and discover not only the best December Marketing ideas, but how pure creativity really looks like!

Aumcore’s experts know Holiday Marketing Strategies like the back of their hands and they will offer you the best tailored Holiday Marketing Plan, reshape your Holiday marketing campaign with bright ideas, but most importantly; they will ensure prolonged gains and profits your business!