When it comes to shopping online, 3D product visualization has been considered the future of eCommerce. With many customers wanting a similar experience that they get in-store, retail businesses have had to think about how they can provide that through the digital realm.

With 3D product visualization, it goes that step further than simply putting up a few static images of the product you’re selling. It can help give a more immersive viewpoint and also enables the user to get more interactive on the site.

In this article, we’ll look at the revolutionary immersive ecommerce experiences you can get when using 3D product visualization for your business online.

Photography vs 3D product visualization

With photography, there’s only so much that you can see when it comes to the product. In order for a customer to get a true representation of the product through photography, quality is key. Not all online sellers will have the best quality in photography, so it can fail to give an accurate picture of the product.

For customer experience as a differentiator, satisfying the customers is the key to a successful business. 3D product visualization allows more than just seeing the product for what it is. With 3D technology, you can see the product from every angle. Being able to see 360 degree view of the product, to exploring it in interactive room scenes, there’s a lot more to enjoy with this type of media.

The benefits of using 3D product visualization

It’s been discovered that 3D product visualization is effective when it comes to boosting sales conversions with 44% of customers more likely to add the items to their cart. Here are some of the great benefits that come with using this type of technology for your customer’s eCommerce experiences.

Betters on-site customer experience

It’s pretty obvious but when it comes to the customer’s experience, realistic visuals like 3D can help better that experience when shopping online. Of course, you can’t bring the exact feeling and experience of shopping in-store yet, but you can certainly get close to with 3D visuals.

It’s cost-effective

Incorporating 3D visualizations are actually more cost-effective than hiring a professional photographer to set up a scene, take photos and edit them. As a business, it can help you save a lot of money so that it widens the profit margins.

Helps reduce product returns

With 3D visualization, the customers are getting clarity over what they’re seeing of the product. It means that they’ll have a more accurate expectation of what the product is going to look like when it arrives.

As a result, you’ll likely see less product returns as a result!

Immersive Ecommerce Experiences

Different 3D product visualization techniques

For an effective immersive buying experience, there are a number of different 3D visualization techniques that are worth taking advantage of.

Use 3D rendering to show different variations of the product

There are often multiple variations of the product, whether that be the types of color used, to upgrades that you can add-on to the product. With 3D rendering, you can show the different variation of this product, rather than being limited to just the one product image.

Put it in a live environment

A live environment is a great way to make the product interesting and through the use of AR, makes the experience of shopping online more immersive. The use of AR can help customers choose their preferred option and to place their chosen product in the space, whatever that may be.

Use CGI product catalogues

Catalogs are a great way to show off your business and what your brand has to offer to it’s customers. Product CGI is therefore an essential for eCommerce retailers. Lifestyle imagery will only do so much.

The power of CGI is great for those trying to showcase products that perhaps have less of a traction or popularity online.

Try out 3D animation to drive engagement

3D animation is something you can’t help but watch. It’s a progressive method that will keep your customers switched on and engaged for longer.

How brands are leveraging 3D product visualization effectively

There are lots of brands already taking full advantage of this type of technology for their eCommerce business. That means there’s no time to waste, so here are some inspirational brands leveraging 3D product visualization to enhance their retail online experience.

J Press

For custom and tailored shirts, the user can benefit greatly from getting a 3D perspective of the product. That’s why J Press has taken full advantage of this technology when it comes to customers ordering a customized shirt.

When there are so many choices of shirt combinations, it can be useful to have this technology for customers to make a better-informed decision.

Herman Miller

For office chairs, Herman Miller is a go-to retailer for office furniture. With the 3D product visualizer, customers of the brand can be presented with a chair that they can customize within a virtual showroom.

It goes above and beyond the services that you would typically get in the average store.

Crate & Barrel

With timeless furnishings, Crate & Barrel are known for their stylish home furnishings.

With their 3D visualizer, you can customize pieces to suit your home’s interiors, whether it’s a couch or a side table for your bedroom.

3D product visualization is the future

It’s clear to see that 3D product visualization is a feature that’s getting readily picked up and utilized on a regular basis. If you’re looking to showcase your products in a more interactive and immersive manner, then 3D product visualization is a worthwhile technology to invest in. It’s cost-effective and most importantly, it can help you give your brand the edge over others.

For your customers, it’s all about the experience, and the more you can contribute to that, the better. With 3D technology, it goes further and provides a fulfilling experience for all of your users whether they’re new to the brand or not.