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Case Study

UpScript Sees Uptake After Aumcore Partnership.


Referring to themselves as an online medicine cabinet, UpScript looks to ensure that people can get their prescriptions in a fast, hassle-free manner delivered directly to their door. Collaborating with companies who are unable to sell directly, UpScript supports a wide variety of pharmaceutical needs such as weight loss, insomnia, specialty drugs and women’s health drugs.

With their online presence having such a significant influence on their ability to provide prescriptions to customers, UpScript wanted a complete redesign of their website with the clear goal being to improve the overall user experience for users who interacted with their site. To achieve this, we set about finding innovative solutions to their very specific needs.


Throughout the entire redesign process, UX was at the forefront of our minds. This led us to build UpScript a Digital Medicine Cabinet. To start with, a user will complete a short questionnaire to make sure they are medically qualified to purchase these drugs in the first place. Helping to improve the customer UX further, teleconference solutions were enacted to aid with online consultations. This meant that they could have a direct video assessment with a physician as a standard part of the consultation process.

Once a user has successfully passed through the evaluation process, the medication could be approved and would be shipped out to them directly; sometimes even on the same day! UpScript’s users needed their medication sent to them quickly and efficiently, so by streamlining the overall process as well as making their website as easy to interact with as possible. With simple navigation, clear graphics and prominent calls-to-actions, users could easily find exactly what they needed, when they needed it.


Getting the healthcare you need should be a hassle-free process, and this is something that was a focal point of our approach, one we’re happy to say was successful on all fronts. Simplifying the entire orientation and design of UpScript’s website meant they could help those people who truly needed it most. By focusing on an intuitive, user-friendly website that simplified the purchasing process and clearly explained every detail of the customer journey, UpScript has been able to provide healthcare services in a much more effective manner.

UpScript | Web Design & UX
UpScript | Web Design & UX