Case Study

Smooth SEO optimization rendering 5X growth in organic traffic, delivering the truth about Margarine on page 1 search results


Margarine has gotten a bad reputation in the past few years, and it was time to put the facts straight. Unilever (the parent company to dozens of renowned food and household brands) took it upon themselves to help educate consumers all over the world, which have been fed so many falsehoods regarding the tasty spread.

They proposed creating an informative website, all about the facts of margarine, and the margarine story, to be filled every day with margarine-related content: both original and curated from around the web. The objective behind the project was to provide correct information about Margarine to the consumers, busting the myths and misconceptions that were floating around the web.


We wanted to be able to spread the word to the masses, so we would need to start from the ground up with a meaningful domain and SEO optimized content.

Google’s 1st page search results for margarine were currently occupied by everything from government bodies to research organizations, so the competition for viewable placement was high. We began to analyze and compare searches done around the topic of margarine, as well as the most misunderstood fallacies in need of clarification.

Enjoy Margarine Everyday! became the tagline for the campaign, as well as the domain. Three simple words that efficiently communicated the dismissal of faulty margarine fears. Once we had chosen right set of keywords surrounding our findings, we helped Unilever to create the content which users were looking for, answering their questions and providing the information they were hungry for. Buttery goodness served on site and relevant platforms were all optimized with our SEO strategy to fully immerse margarine facts into the consumer community.

Not focused on any specific product or service, rather – we created a tool and hub spot of information for all things margarine.


With the new SEO optimized site – margarine received a new name, ranking in the top 10 results of Google.

Now in plain site, the facts of Margarine were at the forefront, dominating the false rumors and myths that formerly prevailed. And the consumers loved the new found information, with the home page generating over a 5X growth in Google organic traffic during the first 8 months of being live.

Creating thousands of fresh impressions with an optimized digital presence, the masses of consumers now had unlimited access the margarine “digital encyclopedia” of sorts, and could confidently dismiss myths to once again enjoy their favorite creamy spread.

Unilever – enjoy margarine everyday! | SEO
Unilever – enjoy margarine everyday! | SEO
Unilever – enjoy margarine everyday! | SEO