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Case Study

The envisioning of environmental conservation with Strategy Ideation methods transforming safe agriculture practices on a global level


United Nations Global Compact is a government acknowledged organization, and operates as a voluntary initiative to implement universal sustainability principles supporting UN goals. Their ten principles are their company value system and approach in all business, operating in ways to meet fundamental responsibilities in areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Working with blue number foundation to connect farmers and promote best practices for the production of healthier food, UN Global Compact brought in Aumcore to provide a unique perspective and social strategy from ideation to design for the platform and concept that would be used to enable better practices and procedures for farmers around the world.


#AumThink played a big role in this project, as our primary responsibility became ideation and strategy development. Our first point of thought was how to connect farmers from so many cultures together and rally them behind the cause of addressing “The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact” for healthier food practices. Our ideation began with a social strategy, that would be developed to not only connect farmers, but also give them relevant information on better farming, access to tools and materials as a resource, connections for financial support, tips for better growing, and a new identity within the community. We created the concept of the social platform in which each farmer registering would receive a unique identifying bluenumber, allowing connections to be organized, shared and published – benefiting both the farmers and their partners.

We developed a multilingual web platform for this social strategy to cater to the farmers’ native languages across the globe. Initial registration captured essential details of the farmers, giving them full benefits of the information and connections being offered through this newly conceptualized community program –which is scheduled to be fully launched in the upcoming months.


Our team of Strategic Thinkers and Technology Specialists were able to propose and complete a successful concept and social outreach which was adopted by UN Global Compact and bluenumber.org as the best practice for connecting individuals around the globe with seamless usability, benefiting all parties involved. Through Aumcore’s social strategy from ideation to design and development, bluenumber.org is set to be the standard of farmers addressing “The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, proudly connecting active members following regulations, and taking steps to cleaner, eco friendly food and fair labor principals. Over 60K blue numbers have already been issued to farmers all over the world, and that number is predicted to grow over 100K by launch, successfully connecting farmers across the globe – accomplishing the mission of UN Global Compact, and helping to establish better processes and healthier food around the world.

UN Global Compact  | Strategy Ideation, Design
UN Global Compact  | Strategy Ideation, Design
UN Global Compact  | Strategy Ideation, Design
UN Global Compact  | Strategy Ideation, Design