Case Study

A vision that put a Brand awareness in clear site of the consumer


Meet QSpex, a B2B (business to business), innovative prescription eyewear company, combining the best in experience and technology transforming the industry by combining best-in-class quality and unparalleled service. With their product mastered, their gaze was set to expand their visibility from their participating Optometrists’, to the individuals that wear glasses. In search of a solution that would generate consumer brand awareness, QSpex challenged us to create a complete visual overhaul and marketing campaign to reach their target audience and launch their brand in NYC.


Challenge accepted. At Aumcore, we knew that we needed to connect with the consumer on a non-evasive, familiar level, while also producing media optimized for the highest targeted impressions-per-dollar results. We considered a variety of channels before focusing advertisement in transit locations, and launching a newly designed microsite geo-targeted to NYC.

Now it was time to get QSpex and the spectacle-wearing people in the streets of New York to connect in the lifestyle of the consumer. Testing the waters, we decided to run an AB test, comparing the new test site with local photography versus a typical stock image look. The results came in, and local won. We spent three days with an armed and dangerous creative photography crew, shooting a total of 15 locations in NYC. Avoiding tourist traps, we focused on capturing spots familiar to the locals. The concept was to show the consumer that QSpex comes to them, in their backyard and the places they go everyday. We developed the campaign headline: “Glasses Same Day. Delivered Your Way,” which is now the primary focus on the QSpex homepage.

We also launched the personalized hashtag #purplechair. With an actual purple QSpex chair floating office-to-office at participating Opticians’ offices – let the selfies begin. Visual correlation was made on the site and advertisements with digitally enhanced purple chairs all over the city, highlighting the locations where QSpex could come to you.


The result? Our outdoor marketing campaign could not have been more thrilling, generating a whopping 11.5+ million impressions combined.

The campaign included media placement on subway sheets, on-the-go-kiosks, and a ginormous wallscape in the city near Penn Station. Impression numbers skyrocketed leaps above and beyond what we had estimated when originally presenting the concept. In just two days, our digital banner ads generated an additional 476,290 impressions. With all views beyond what we and our client had imagined, we all enjoyed the success of consumer brand awareness.

As for our NYC microsite starring our customized photography project, we received 796 views in the first 25 days, 64.4% of which were new viewers. After walking the extra mile, we were pleased knowing our photography project helped to increase the performance.

So what is success? QSpex had a need for consumer brand awareness, which was met and surpassed on all statistic levels by our propelling creative team, opening the eyes of New York to a whole new way of seeing with QSpex. And the biggest measure of success, they’ve asked us to rejoin them again, implementing our strategy outside of New York to the great beyond. Look for more coming soon.

QSpex  | Brand Launch
QSpex  | Brand Launch
QSpex  | Brand Launch
QSpex  | Brand Launch