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Case Study

Preparing a global fashion footwear brand for the many complexities of online search


OTBT Shoes is a lifestyle-driven global fashion footwear brand for women. Made with high quality materials, authentic colors, and a tough sole built for globetrotters, world travelers and free spirits alike, their shoes are designed especially for those who capture OTBT’s sentiment of traveling Off The Beaten Track. Their unification of style and comfort not only sets them apart in the footwear industry, but also makes them a consumer centric brand for women who crave functionality and attractive designs.

Understanding that ‘off the beaten track’ doesn’t bode well for online search, OTBT wanted to make sure they would be found by all restless wanderers. They wanted someone who would place them in the forefront of the online footwear world, and prior experience with us taught them that we had their back. Strapped with experience in all areas of search, be it organic or paid, we knew exactly how to help.


Our first step was an SEO audit for search compatibility—we wanted to get a full picture of OTBT’s site content, competition, and everything that goes into SEO. Once we had a good understanding on where OTBT stood in terms of competition and the industry as a whole, it was time to strategize. 

Our goals were to place OTBT in the first page of every search engine out there and increase conversions; goals that would require extensive knowledge of both SEO and SEM. Starting with SEO, we decided to embark on numerous content marketing activities that would vault OTBT’s position to the top spot, including creating a list of targeted keywords and pairing them with content in the form of blog outreach, articles, videos, social bookmarking descriptions, press releases and more. As for SEM, our team of strategists got together for a brainstorming session to come up with compelling ad copy and to narrow on the best suited ad placements for discovery. After that, we used Google Search and the Display Network to improve branding and revenue of the OTBT eCommerce website.


Backed with years of digital experience and a full understanding of Google’s changing algorithms, we were able to boast of results that were as hot as the shoes themselves. By providing content and technical recommendations, completely optimizing the OTBT website for search, improving their social presence, and continually monitoring everything for any unexpected issues, we not only saw a 34% growth in overall traffic, but also a drastic increase in conversions as well, with a triple digit return on investment (ROI). More specifically, our SEM campaign achieved some outstanding results, improving on four key KPI’s:

  • Our conversion rate increased by 53.17%
  • The campaign’s ROI was 587.79%, signaling that we earned 5X times as much as we spent on ads
  • We averaged a cost-per-acquisition of $16.32, 177% lower than the eCommerce industry standard
  • We averaged a cost-per-click of $0.42, 176% lower than the eCommerce industry standard

Today, anyone who lands on the OTBT website knows exactly who and what they are. They know they’re not just a brand, they’re a lifestyle.

OTBT Shoes | SEO & SEM
OTBT Shoes | SEO & SEM
OTBT Shoes | SEO & SEM
OTBT Shoes | SEO & SEM