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Transporting island locals and visitors through a web portal for local services as the first of its kind.


MiQuando is here to prove that size doesn’t matter. Before the conception of MiQuando, there was the lesser-known and traveled Isle of Mann and a group of visionary people, later to become the founders of the organization. With the vision of helping create awareness for the millions of employees and owners of small and micro businesses in the United Kingdom, they wanted to create a web portal to connect people, providing a channel of service information and booking for residents. A quote from the founders:

“We believe we have the tools that can help every single one of these 4.9 million small and micro businesses compete with even the biggest of competitors, regardless of size and budget.”

The founders of MiQuando are all about connecting local people with local businesses. They asked us at Aumcore to build their website and web portal as a user friendly experience for their clients and local businesses.


From ideation to development – alongside the founders we worked together to marry their vision and translate that passion into a workable web portal for booking services. The user flow needed to incorporate effortless navigation and registration for an individual or as a business – on a platform which users could book online and connect in the area of Isle of Mann. Categories of services offered range from Computer and Communication Services to Wedding and Legal Services. With the launch of the portal, users can now search and book using postal code, region or free-form search entries. Helping small and local businesses became our unified passion as we embodied the vision of the MiQuando founders.

The web portal became a gateway offering many people access to a local world previously undiscovered. MiQuando’s service is provided for businesses completely free of cost and includes a full directory listing, and use of the MiQuando online diary and calendar in-house system, as well as low cost packages available for online bookings to suit the needs of every business.

MiQuandro now stands as the first and only fully integrated local search in the region for online booking and marketing.

They remain dedicated to helping local businesses connect with local people by leveraging the power of their custom developed web portal, boasting an impressive number of monthly registrations and changing the way people see small businesses in the Isle of Mann.

Miquando | Web Development
Miquando | Web Development
Miquando | Web Development