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McIntosh Laboratory has been handcrafting powerful audio systems for musicians and audiophiles for over 60 years. Legendary for performance audio, the story goes that the Grateful Dead used 48 units of 300-watt amplifiers in their infamous “Wall of Sound” at Woodstock in 1969. Power in audio has since become synonymous with the name McIntosh. Famous musicians and producers came to only use McIntosh audio systems – assuring music sounded exactly as they intended. Famous Mc fans include Les Paul, LA Reid, Earth Wind & Fire, Bob Weir, Beach Boys, Rob Thomas and many more. McIntosh Labs produces a range of musical products including amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, processors, speakers and streaming “box.”

The challenge was how to bring this beloved brand from its niche position in the market to a wider audience of high net worth consumers who own luxury homes and adore music. How to reach them, educate them and trigger the desire to purchase a McIntosh audio system moving from audiophile to luxury lifestyle. However, when it came to online search footprints, they weren’t being heard at all, and that’s a problem.

With a nearly non-existent Google rating, they needed SEO solutions to bring them to the forefront of music lovers waiting to discover their brand. McIntosh Labs also sought Aumcore’s help with Design Optimization. Their challenge was to move from an audiophile and music industry “niche” brand to a global luxury lifestyle brand, growing brand awareness and sales.


Building a SEO solution itself is a complex engagement. When searching for McIntosh, they were doing just fine, but type in any highly competitive non-branded keywords such as “speaker” or “amplifier” and they may as well have been dust on Google’s shelf. Searching and analyzing the US audio industry to gain insight into existing competitor of McIntosh, we were able to fully understand the market.

We stayed focused on their primary products and key words and brought visibility of new and prospective consumers seeking the best sound solutions for their homes.


The SEO solutions campaign for McIntosh not only focused on building page ranking, but also integrating targeted high traffic keywords throughout McIntosh’s new site. With these hidden gems, McIntosh was able to receive a 52.3% growth in total site visits, and 41.3% growth in US search engine traffic during our two-year SEO strategy plan. But the best part of the story during that time, we were able to get McIntosh listed on page #1 on Google Search for keywords including “amplifiers”, “loudspeakers”, “preamplifiers”, and 20 highly competitive non-branded keywords, which many of which were previously ranked on Google beyond page #10 prior to our engagement..

With the increased visibility and brand recognition among a new broader consumer audience, it was mission accomplished. McIntosh was no longer just being heard, they were also being seen.

McIntosh Laboratory | SEO
McIntosh Laboratory | SEO
McIntosh Laboratory | SEO
McIntosh Laboratory | SEO