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Case Study

Music to the ears and visual appeal to the eyes, a multilingual solution for a b2b website of audio technology


Going beyond the enjoyment of music, Marantz has a passion for it, and believes it should be heard exactly as the artist originally intended. Producing a music experience, Marantz’s perfected specifications and technical accomplishments unlocks the power, excitement, and emotion of music with their legendary sound systems. Looking for a website as powerful and seamless as their sound, they came to Aumcore as a trusted expert in electronic B2B website design – asking for a dynamic solution for visual appeal and an optimized user experience on their website.


Recognizing Marantz as a B2B company, we were met with the challenge of not only creating user friendly platform, but also being sensitive to the needs of the Marantz retailers. We created a solution, building a platform that was informative and backed with the knowledge and experience of Marantz and their products, all in a mobile friendly design optimized across all platforms. For those consumers searching for buy-it-now options, we directed shoppers to two options on the site (eliminating the conflict between retailers) – giving the shoppers an agnostic approach to shop online or in store to their preference.The new website design also offers retailers a tool to locate a Marantz Sales Representative closest to them with a built in Dealer Search by location. Here Marantz was able to grow their B2B business by attracting new retailers for their incredible sound-providing equipment.

And the biggest success, we were able to create a site that’s not only multilingual for their global range of retailers, it also leveraged the same CMS platform (Sharepoint) having the ability to import the product information from one source. Today, Marantz continues to live up to its rich history and to be an innovative leader of high performance equipment.

Marantz Website | Web Development
Marantz Website | Web Development