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Addressing the complexities of today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare system


eviCore, a national leader in integrated and intelligent care management solutions, is there in your time of need. Not only are they committed to advancing healthcare management through intelligent care, but their proven talent and leading-edge technology, paired with roots in healthcare innovation, enable better outcomes for patients, providers and plans. Exemplifying their dedication to making a lasting and positive impact on today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare system, eviCore constantly strives to improve outcomes through patient-centric care. 

Seeing that the best way to realize this goal was through a digital avenue, they knew that their next step was to evolve as a brand and improve their online presence, both on the front-end and back-end. To this end, eviCore came to us for a threefold request: First, they wanted us to tailor an SEO strategy that would guarantee that the people who needed them the most would be able to find them; second, they wanted all their employees to be able to connect with each other in a way that would facilitate daily functions; and third, they wanted to update their website to reflect a more provider-centric approach that would provide an easy way for clients and members to find information on evidence-based patient care.


As a leading digital marketing agency, we knew that any SEO strategy aimed at increasing quality-driven traffic would involve a technical audit, research and analysis, strategy and planning, implementation and reporting. After metaphorically hitting the books, we built a technical optimization strategy to resolve any existing technical issues, a website content development strategy that would attract users and search engine bots for maximum engagement, and most importantly, we informed them on their best course of action. Similarly, we came up with an effective content marketing strategy paired with social media activities that would serve to build the eviCore brand as a reliable source of medical benefits management (MBM) solutions.

Satisfied with our plans to improve eviCore’s website traffic and their conversion rate, it was time to focus on the back-end and revamp the website. Our goal was to first rebuild their existing Intranet portal and turn it into a central location for communication and collaboration in which eviCore employees could have easy access to the resources they need, and then embark on a complete website redesign that would provide the necessary UX and power to accommodate a dynamic content-heavy site using Sitecore 9.0, an enterprise content management system.


If our objectives were to increase eviCore’s web traffic and develop a standalone Intranet portal to create, manage, store and deploy content on web pages for and by employees, while simultaneously undertaking a total redesign that would replatform the entire site and improve UX, then we can safely say that we succeeded. 

On the back-end side, we overhauled eviCore’s Intranet portal for a more engaged and rich user experience, complete with web-based publishing, format management, and indexing, search and retrieval capabilities. Even better, we used a responsive and dynamic design for mobile optimization, and provided eviCore with tools to reduce the reliance on IT for Intranet management, effectively allowing anyone to update and share information across the organization.

Also on the back-end, we redesigned and replatformed the entire website from SharePoint to Sitecore 9.0 (and integrated the .NET CMS platform), which allowed for deeper analytics into user journeys and personalized content deployment based on a user’s behavior. This move also provided eviCore with the capability to host troves of health plan-specific resources, medical rules and guidelines their users could benefit from.

As for web traffic and SEO, we started by fixing technical issues and implementing a content syndication strategy to get eviCore’s website ready for the imminent spike in traffic, and boy were we right. Starting with total visits abroad and in the US, sessions for both increased by over 3,000%. As for specific sources of traffic:

  • Organic traffic increased by almost 1,600%
  • Direct traffic jumped to almost 2,400% of what is was when we came into the picture
  • And referral traffic astoundedly surged by 6,800%

We also provided regular monitoring of eviCore’s website health and traffic tracking to ensure that they stayed on top — a feat that was rewarded with a consistent 1,400%+ spike in new users who liked what they saw. They and others like them now know that whether you’re sick or in pain, you deserve the best medical care; you deserve eviCore.

eviCore | SEO & Web Development
eviCore | SEO & Web Development
eviCore | SEO & Web Development