Case Study

An exclusive, experience-centric shopping experience doubling sales and increasing B2B partnerships


D+M is the internal, joint  segment of Denon and Marantz, with various divisions including D+M Direct,  D+M University, and D+M Media. Powerhouses in audio technology, the D+M Direct group provides internal solutions for both the Denon and Marantz teams including exclusive employee access, training courses, and resources including photos, videos, and various media.

The D+M group (having worked with Aumcore on both brands Denon and Marantz with a huge success) proposed Aumcore to support their internal efforts by creating D+M Direct web platform as an internal employee catalog.


The goal of Aumcore became to create an experience-centric shopping platform for D+M partners and employees offering great prices on previous and overstock models. Aumcore also took lead on creating awareness and usage of the site through internal communication and promotions, inviting exclusive partners to join the experience.

Partnering with the technology force of Omnie Solutions for development, Aumcore was able to focus on the portal design with streamlined user capabilities and a seamless experience. Incorporating latest visual trends including full-width imagery and a large-feature product experience, Aumcore was able to capture the spirit of D+M and share that to the internal group without sacrifice.

Large product close-ups were integrated to highlight product details and brand integrity, while catering to consumer needs through a multi-device design.


Aumcore’s unique involvement in responsibility for not only designing, developing and maintaining the site but also marketing for B2B growth was such a success, the strategy became the standard for internal sales promotions for the industry of consumer electronics inside-sales promotions.

Receiving approximately 20 new partnerships on the exclusive shopping platform, Aumcore partnered with Omnie Solutions was able to deliver a 2X sales increase within the new web platform for an internal and exclusive partner experience resounding with success.

D+M Direct | Web Design
D+M Direct | Web Design
D+M Direct | Web Design
D+M Direct | Web Design