Case Study

A sustained environmental pursuit of the Malaysian council through interactive web development


Formed in 2011 through the merger of the Business Council of Sustainable Development (1992) and the Institute for Corporate Responsibility Malaysia (2006), the Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility Malaysia (BCSRM) is a national organization comprised of business leaders from various industries who actively pursue responsible and sustainable practices in line with the global sustainability agenda.

As a regional network partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), BCSRM aspires to translate the latest global environmental, social and governance knowledge from the WBCSD into the Malaysian community. Through their endeavors, Malaysian companies can promote, develop and adopt sustainability within their businesses.

BCSRM is involved in capacity development, awareness building, advocacy and thought leadership activities for environmental, social and governance related issues. BCSRM’s focus areas are energy, climate, social development, ecosystem protection and the business role of driving practices in line with the global sustainability agenda.

With the new business strategy of the joined merger, BCSRM came to Aumcore for web development that would highlight their new global agenda and built member awareness of regulations and activities of the organization.


Having been involved with the UN Global Compact, Aumcore moved forward with the design and web development by expanding reach to the landscape of BCSRM and the needs of the Malaysian community.

Aumcore’s team of Technology Experts and Creative Designers incorporated that experience into developing and illustrating the new business strategy of BCSRM to highlight and enhance their thought leadership, and create a platform as a one-stop resource of pertinent information for council members.

The innovative web development and design for BCSRM incorporates latest web trends and user experience. The site provides members with an informative, centralized location that serves as an invaluable tool to increase member awareness about the council, and keep members up-to-date regarding its activities for a successful global sustainability agenda outreach for Malaysian businesses.

BCSRM| Web Development
BCSRM| Web Development
BCSRM| Web Development
BCSRM| Web Development